Spring Game Notes from the O

Went with a few buddies. We got to the big house at 9:00am. After parking in the free lot we made our way over to the locker room tour. It was really cool but a lot shorter then I thought it would be. There wasn't even a line. We made it through in like 5 mins.

We then played corn hole for a while. It was so windy the bean bags would fly to the left. It made it hard/not fun. Ate a few dogs and then went into the stadium for the alum game. I do like the idea of the alum game but it can get a bit boring after a bit. Maybe some bigger names would spice it up. I just watched the players warm up during most of the alum game. I couldn't even tell you who won.

The Game The Game

Everyone's favorite topic from now until UCONN and beyond.

Tate Forcier
Tate running with the 2s vs 1s will and does have impact. A lot of people have been pretty dramatic and have even thrown Tate under the bus. Which says a lot about some of our fan base... We eat our own. A kid shows so much guts and people start to give up on the kid. Its spring people. This is what spring is for. This diary at Mgoblog brings my piss to a boil. "Lost" in a spring game? Really? Alright I am getting off topic.

There were a few times where I said that's the same old Tate. The one being a almost INT to Mike Jones he should have not thrown and a fumble he got back after holding the ball like a loaf of bread. He still looks a bit uneasy in the pocket. Not staying put. He still needs work on the zone read. On the flip side, he still made some nice plays out of nothing and showed some leadership as he barked at Jeremy Jackson for not lining up right before he snapped the ball. I think this spring could be a good wake up call for Tate. I expect him to come out to Fall practice with something to prove and I think he will do that. It should make the week going into UCONN very interesting.

Denard Robinson
Denard was easily the best looking QB of the day. He made great reads in the hand off reads. There were times he was touched down that would have easily been a TD. Of course the crowd pleasing 89 yard throw to Roundtree. He just looked sharper. There were times he took off too early but there were times he hung in there and made a zip pass into a WR. He still struggled with short dink and dump passes.

He just looked more at ease. His arm looked good. He looked fast... So the starer come Fall? I don't know. I expect Tate to step up this fall and make this thing more complicated then it already is. Denard is the favorite horse to win the race but I feel it's far from over.

Devin Gardner
Devin came out with a lot of nerves. It was pretty laughable. You could tell he was very nervous. After a fumble and almost throwing a pick he settled in a bit. You can see how the upside is just oozing out of him. He made some great reads and when he runs he seems to be floating on air ala Young or Pryor.

He showed moments of greatness. Hanging in the pocket and throwing a strike down field(his best throw of the day dropped by Odoms). Than showed moments of being a freshmen. He was about to be sacked in the end zone and then threw a pick to Obi on about the 10 yard line. So an up and down day for Devin. It would be awesome to red shirt him but if one of our QBs get banged up he will be ready to go in. If you think there is a QB logjam this year, wait until next year..

Running Backs
Does anyone want the job?

My Running back rankings for the game.

1.Mike Cox-Had the best run of the game. Showed good burst.
2.Fitz-His had a nice showing. Broke tackles, made some nice cuts.
3.Shaw-Struggled but didnt get much carries. Seems like the QB kept the ball a lot when Shaw is in. Did have one TD.
4.Hopkins-Looked tough. He's a tank. I could see him getting a big role in the red zone. He trucked a few guys but he did get planted by Floyd(Devin's bad throw).
5.V.Smith-Out and still in the mix.
6.White-A fresh Red shirt coming up.

Wide Out

I am still down on the WRs. They might be the worst unit on the team. Lots of drops ion this game. A few frosh made some nice catches(Robinson,Miller). I can see Robinson seeing playing time. He looked solid. Stonum was no where to be seen. Odoms had a bomb from Devin dropped. Gallon did look shifty and T-Rob had a few nice grabs. I just expect more out of this group. Stokes you could tell wasn't a 100%. Stokes did have a nice attempt at a jump ball but could haul it in. I am not sure anyone has this team has "great" ball skills. Roundtree looked like the best of the bunch. Showed some nice speed in his 89 yard TD. He could be the goto WR. That's sorta my scrambled thoughts on the WRs. They still need work.

Strong like bull!

I am pretty limited in my o-line knowledge. I know they gave our qbs lots of time. On the same side of that there was no rushing the QB or anything like that. With Molk I expect this group to be one of the better units in the b10. They didnt make any gaping holes for a RB but played well. Seeing big ol 77 out there brought back warm fuzzy's.


Not much there. Nothing out of Koger. I think he had one catch. Moore had a nice grab from Devin and another catch later in the game. Webb had the catch from Forcier that should have been picked off. He showed good hands. Not much to report.

Be back with the the D in a few days.

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