FIFA Update: Final and 3rd Place Preview

So we've reached the end, which undoubtedly mean joyous celebration from MMW and Hulk, and sadness from the rest of the universe. Anyways, both games look enticing, with the final looking like it will be a classic.

Final: Spain vs. Netherlands

Note: This is the first time that there has been a back to back European final game, as well as the first time two teams who have never won will meet in the final since 1978 (Argentina vs Netherlands).

Netherlands: Never won (Runner up in 1974 and 1978)
Spain: Never won (Never made it past quarterfinals)

The Netherlands come in with two of the best players in the world in Robben and Sneijder, while Spain has arguably the best midfield and the best passing game in the world. Spain will most likely do what they did against Germany and try and break down the defense through heavy possession, finally getting a chance to score. They will not face as staunch a defense as they did against Germany, as the Dutch have been prone to collapse and are extremely vulnerable in the center. The Dutch will have to be extremely effective counterattacking and need to convert almost every opportunity that comes their way. This should be a fast paced and extremely exciting final.

Prediction: Netherlands win 2-1

3rd Place: Uruguay vs. Germany

Not much to say here, as Mueller returns, while Klose may or may not play for Germany. Suarez returns for Uruguay, which will help them a lot. Germany still has a ton of firepower up front and should prevail in the end over Uruguay's defensive style of play that involves a lot of counterattacking. These two teams should be able to go out in style.

Prediction: Germany wins 3-1

Prediction Record: 10-4

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