Michigan Dtadium

God I love Michigan Dtadium, its the greatest place on earth. Imagine a world in which Miranda Kerr and Tom Selleck have a bunch of babies, all which happen to be born with the Selleckstache. Then imagine these kids grow up to take over this country and give each resident of this country a free sex robot. Then imagine we blow up Canerduh. That is what Michigan Dtadium is like on the worst of days. What happens on the best of days? Words cannot begin to describe the orgy of goodness friends.

Imagine waking up, to the sound of beautiful naked women cooking you breakfast and bringing you your first morning alcoholic beverage. Imagine walking out of your bedroom to find that Michigan 1998 Rose Bowl victory over Washington State is the only thing showing on TV. Imagine French toast filled will $100 bills. This is just a glimpse of what Michigan Dtadium is.

Someone told me just seconds ago that in their version of the Michigan Dtadium world, Lloyd Carr rides a flaming eagle with a mountain for a face, and the eagle sings Freebird while Lloyd screams "tremendous!" over and over and over again and in this version Heisman trophies poop out of the eagles vagina, while Lloyd sprinkles free dictionaries to the rest of the world. Can you imagine how insanely rad this version is. If I could pick an alternate reality to live in, this my friends, would be number 1. Michigan Dtadium, where all of your wildest fantasies can come true. 
So the next time you’re bored and need something to do, remember to take the short drive to Ann Arbor and revel in the glory of Michigan Dtadium.


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