A New Big Ten Logo

In 2011, the current Big Ten logo will officially be outdated. As such, I thought I would try my hand at making one. Unfortunately, I really suck at MS Paint.

This is emblematic of my utter lack of artistic talent, which is one of the primary reasons that I am enrolled in engineering school. My other attempts were also disastrous and often included unintentional phallic symbols, and as such will not be displayed here.

However, I put some more thought into the need for a new logo and was able to come up with a solution that was both aesthetically pleasing and a perfect emblem for what Big Ten athletics should be:

1 Response to "A New Big Ten Logo"

  1. TheLastProphet says:

    This is another one of my shitty ideas, but...If you hid an X in the B, and then used the I in Big and the T in Ten as roman numerals, then it could work.

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