Where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here?

I was reading through the CBOX today and I gots to thinking, MM has built a nice little cult following, everyday there is some random conversation going on, on our beloved CBOX. People arguing, updating, informing, trolling (Steamboat Willy), and joking, hell TLP even gives dissertations every once in a while. MM has kind of built its own “poor man’s” version of Uniscorn.
So I started thinking, what does MM offer to the reader? And I built a list of everything that goes on here, presented for your entertainment in bulleted points:

  • First off we have Shredder, the father of MM. What does Shredder give us? Shredder does a little bit of everything here. He makes the most kick ass MS Paints on the internet’s, the time and effort he puts in to those things is nothing short of amazing. Shredder is also the guy who came up with the Michigan Chat. The idea of Midnight CIL’s was actually brilliant. Of course there are a lot of Michigan fans who also happen to be night owls. Shredder deserves a ton of credit for making this blog awesome, and he demands none.
  • · Then we have Seth9. This guy is (and this is 100% truth) one of THE BEST sportsbloggers I’ve had the privilege of reading on the Web. The same time and energy that Shredder puts into one of his MS Paints, Seth puts into one of his posts. If watched this guy rip other peoples arguments to shreds and, give us far better expansion plots than millionaire sportscasters on ESPN ever dreamed of giving us. In a very short time, I think the name Seth9 will be widely known around the blogosphere.
  • · SCS100 has done an outstanding job of keep the idiots (me) updated, soccer rules. I now understand what constitutes offside’s in a soccer game, better than the FIFA officials do. He also starts the liveblogs almost every night, allowing Shredder to actually do work. We all appreciate this because the liveblogs are the main attraction of this blog.
  • The new guy to the team is JC. JC comes in keeps guys updated on the recruiting world. He also has a very strong football background which will be a great addition to the conversation, once football starts.
  • Then there is The Hulk. Everybody needs a patsy and MM is no exception. Hulk fills in as the MM punching bag. I don’t think there is a liveblogger who hasn’t taken a shot at Hulk at one point. The great thing is he takes it all in stride. He’ll trade punches with you all night long, and make you laugh several times in the process. He was the first of the livebloggers and adds a lot to the conversation.
  • Finally we have yours truly. I know next to Hulks name it says “serves no purpose”, but I he shares that roll with me. Sure I make you laugh sometimes, and I cover basketball, and contribute the occasional shitty blog post, but most of the time I’m a huge pain in the ass. I like to start shit between myself and the mgoidiots, which is fine as long as I’m smart about it (I’m usually not!). I’ve tried to be better about it, and I’ve tried to act like a have some measure of intelligence. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I also have the occasional, brilliant, idea.
MM is very quickly approaching the 20,000 page visit mark. How do we make MM better for you, the reader? We plan on doing a MM round table discussion every week during the football season. We also are going to have a blogger pick em contest, which should be fun. What else do you as a reader want to see? I also thought about doing a reader mailbag segment, although that would mean you have to send us some emails. Let us know what we can do for you.
In other news LLB was dismissed from the Michigan basketball team, making it 100% sure that he won’t get a 5th year. I have no idea what team rules were broken, I just hope LLP finishes school and moves on. He played a role in Michigan’s first NCAA tourney appearance in Ten Years, I don’t hate you LLP, and I wish you nothing but the best.

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  1. TheLastProphet says:

    "How do we make MM better for you, the reader?"

    Free booze. That is all.

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