Donating UMASS or BGSU tickets

I work for St.Johns home in Grand Rapids. It's a home for abused and negleted kids. We have all ages on campus and I work in the 15-18 boys home. Many our boys will either move on with a foster family or will have to wait it until they are 18 in which they will go into independent living.

I did this for a basketball game last year and had 4-5 great people donate tickets so I could take the boys to a M basketball game which they loved. At that time we had a good 5-6 boys were pretty die hard UM fans but many have moved on. We now have two die hards left who have been asking me to bring them to their first game and I tried to get some funds from SJH but funds are limited and couldn't be promised anything.

So I am reaching out to the Midnight Maize community. If anyone has 3-4 extra tickets for UMASS or BGSU and is willing to donate please email me at

The two boys would be super surprised and excited. Umass is coming pretty quick so I am pretty sure I could get SJH to flip the bill on over night mail since they appreciate donations so much for their kids.

Someone last year donated 8 tickets to the WMU game which went awesome and kids came away so impressed they all said they wanted to attend UM. All those kids have now moved on and I hope they one day find their way to college after experiencing such a awesome day on the UM campus.

If anyone is interested in donating than please contact me. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Neglected kids really need help. I agree that by getting funds for them to live better would help a lot. These kids would learn to build a better future only if we help them.

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