One Shreds Opinion


Move well at times, other times just shot it's self in the foot. Refs could have been better. I feel we left a lot of points on the field when NDs Qb went down. I wasn't to thrilled with some of our 3rd down play calls. We had a draw play on 3rd and 4 that went for 2 yards(Shaw). Also a boot leg that got tipped. I rather just let Denard do his thing on those 3rd downs. But what do I know? Rich Rod sticks to coaching UM and I will stick to hunting down Turtles. Running Backs were blah again. If you think about how dangerous this offense could be if we find a running back. I mean really. We do a lot of moving of the ball up and down the field just do to our so far stud QB. Think if we can get a RB going? WR were great, could have held a few blocks longer but were pretty sure handed. Having Roundtree in this game was HUGE just like that crappy radio show. Overall a good day but could have been better. We can grow even more which is scary.


I was shocked how many stop this Defense put up. At one point like 4 or 5 in a row? They did pretty well besides some bone head plays by Cam Gordan who is in his first game and will learn. On the deep throw to Rudolph Cam tried to play the ball and needs to play the giant 6'6 all pro TE that got behind him. Martin was double team most the day. The team forced 3 TOs which is a nice change for last year. Mouton continues to look very good. We will see how Brian grades him out. Roh was solid. Tackling could have been better, we missed a few in the back field. Most on of which was on Allen. The QBs got away from time to time but nothing major. Cullen almost cost us a lot with his late hit which was questionable. I was flashing back to Colorado but thank god Dane threw it to Denver Colorado instead of Michael Floyd.... I than fell on my living room floor.

The Good

-Mouton is mooootasic
-Denard is Mr.502
-Sonic 16
-NBCEE it(get it?)
-Roundtree stops bleeding for UM/ND game. Thank god.
-O-line continues to push other uglies around.
-Radnard,Dreads,87 yards,Sonic Boom,The Kneel
-Kelly's face

The Bad

-3rd down play calling
-Cam Gordan(You'll bounce back buddy)
-Teo is a world crusher
-Obi still looks like he's on Rollerblades
-Running back grading out at a "Meh" or "Bah"

The Ugly

-Kicking... 2002 anyone?
-Punting.. He's a Frosh but I expected better.
-Kelly's face
-ND QB depth
-Tate's fake huge
-The Rainbow

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