Painting With Words Has Recently Enjoyed Blue Skies

So I’ve recently taken a few days off from writing my traditional emo posts. Why you might ask? Well first of all I’ve been sky high recently, the win over ND was huge and yes I am still flying high. Also Dark Blue has met a girl and well use your imagination.

So 2 weeks into the season and what have we learned about Michigan Footbaw? First, Denard Robinson is the shit. This guy if he plays even half as well as he’s played so far, will win the Heisman this year. He has done everything, and I mean everything for your 2010 Wolverines. He has proven that he can throw the ball when needed, everyone who follows college football knows he can run. He so far, has made good decisions with the ball in his hands, and he has yet to turn the ball over. How Rad is Denard Robinson? He is the raddest man in the world.

The second thing we have learned about this team, is our defense isn’t as bad as we thought. Yes we will give up some yards, yes there is some weakness in the secondary. But for the most part this defense has bent, but has yet to break. I think the secondary, minus some terrible mistakes by RS Frosh Cam Gordon, has played pretty well. Both JT Floyd and James Rogers have played very well. In fact most people thought that James Rogers spelled certain doom, but he has preformed above and beyond what the critics have said. Jordan Fucking Kovacs has continued to be Jordan Fucking Kovacs, a solid tackler who doesn’t make many mistakes. Cam Gordon is probably the weak link in the secondary but again he is a RS Freshman. He will get better, and will turn into an All Big Ten performer. Carvin Johnson is out for the next couple of weeks with a sprained MCL, and Thomas Gordon is filling in while he is out. Johnson looked okay against UConn, and Gordon looked ok against ND. This unit will improve with more game experience, have no doubt about it.

The third thing we have learned is our special teams suck. The kicking game is awful, who knows who the kicker will be from here on out. I have hope for Gibbons but the dude needs to improve. So far Hagerup has performed like a true freshman. He’ll get the shanks out of his system, and will be fine but for now hopefully we won’t have to punt very often. The punt returners HELD ON TO THE GODDAMN BALL against Notre Dame, hopefully sometime in the near future they can actually get some return yards. 

So what does this mean for the rest of this season? Well the dream of 13-0 is still alive. We have beaten two respectable BCS schools, according to the Sagarin ratings the only school to play a tougher schedule in the first two weeks was USC. Am I making this fact up? Maybe, but whatever it sounds good. The road from here on out will be a tough road, but adversity is one thing these young Wolverines are used to. Big Ten play will not be easy, they will be gunning for young Denard Robinson. There are some good teams in the Big Ten who will test our linebackers with play action passing. Can we overcome these things and remain perfect? Only time will tell but the optimism is running high.

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