MidKnights of the Round Table 6




1. What are the keys for Michigan beating UConn?

SCS100: Obviously outscore Uconn, but also minimize turnovers. If the offense can play as well as everyone expects them to and the defense at least proves competent, then we should be in pretty good shape.

Hulk: The offense coming out firing and the defense not giving up more than 1 50+ yard play.

Seth9: There are several keys to beating UConn. First of all, we need our defense to hold strong on third downs. While UConn is a run first team, which works well for us considering the veritable wasteland that is our secondary, we cannot afford to give up lots of third down conversions. Third downs killed us against Iowa and they could kill us here too if our secondary cannot do anything. Second of all, we need to hold strong when UConn enters the redzone. Our defense is going to give up yards, but if we can hold them to field goals rather than touchdowns when they get downfield, we have a good shot at winning. Finally, we cannot turn the ball over. Our defense has enough issues without our offense wasting opportunities or giving UConn great field position.

Shredder: Speed Speed and good tackling. Sounds football really. It wouldn't hurt if a RB went off and was a major weapon

Dark Blue: I think utilizing our speed is the most important key to beating UConn. The Huskies haven’t faired very well in the past against teams that run the spread. Also important will be limiting the big play. I’m sure we will give up some yards, but if we don’t let UConn do it in huge chunks against us we should be alright.

2. What do we absolutely have to avoid in order to beat UConn (turnovers, injuries, etc.)?

SCS100: HOLD ONTO/CATCH THE DAMN BALL! Oh, and limit turnovers, or at least have a positive turnover margin. Avoiding injuries will also help.

Hulk: Self inflicted mistakes (turnovers, penalties, blown assignments)

Seth9: We absolutely must avoid turnovers. Turnovers will kill us when you look at how our defense has shaped up. We also need to avoid giving up big plays, which will be a challenge for our very inexperienced secondary.

Shredder: Turnovers have been the issue for the last two years. Lets hope with some older guys now on the team that our TO luck will change. That and bad tackling. Its been pretty suspect since RR showed up and needs to become better. ALL YOUR ARM TACKLES BELONG TO US!

Dark Blue: Don’t turn the fucking ball over. Its that easy. If we don’t turn it over we win easily.

3. Who will lead Michigan in Rushing, Passing, Receiving, and Tackles?

SCS100: Rushing and passing leader will be Denard, receiving will be Stonum, tackles will be Martin, and return yardage will be Stonum.

Hulk: Rushing- Shaw     Passing- Robinson      Receiving- Roundtree      Tackles- Mouton

Seth9: Vincent Smith will lead Michigan in rushing, narrowly beating out Denard Robinson who will lead in YPC. I say this because I imagine that Denard will run the ball fewer times this year as he runs the read more effectively and more importantly, throws the ball more. Tate Forcier will lead in passing yards as he is still the go-to guy in situations where we can't just rely on throwing the ball. Roy Roundtree will lead in receiving yards as he rack up a ton of receptions again this year. And Jordan Kovacs will lead in tackles this year, following up on his productive first season.

Shredder: .Rushing I will go out on the limb and say Mike Cox, no other reason than he is the complete back. Passing Tatnard.... Roundtree picks up where he left off. Tackles.... Moundros!!!

Dark Blue: Rushing will be Denard. Passing will be Tate. Receiving will be Stonum and tackles will be that super sweet sex machine JORDAN FUCKING KOVACS.

4. How many total yards do we give up to the Huskies?

SCS100: 400+ (I'll say 413)

Hulk: 280 (220 passing, 60 rushing)

Seth9: We will give up 350. About 150 on the ground and 200 through the air. I imagine we'll give up a ton of yards to most teams this year, but we at least match up fairly well against UConn's run-first offense.

Shredder: hmmmmm 345 yards.

Dark Blue: 290. About 220 passing, but we shut down UConn’s run game.

5.Since RR has owned Edsall, if given the chance, will he run up the score?

SCS100: I doubt he'll intentionally run up the score. The only two games I see that happening are Purdue and Michigan State, for obvious reasons.

Hulk: Not sure what you mean by this question. I think both coaches are pretty classy guys that know nothing good can come by running up the score. Now if we were talking about Douche Hope or Dantonio, Hang 80 on 'em.

Seth9: No.

Shredder: No way he runs up the score. He has no reason to. Also Uconn has go through a lot and thats the last thing Rod would do. I don't think he would even get a chance to since it's gonna be a close game.

Dark Blue: After all the shit he’s been through since he came to Ann Arbor I don’t think RR will run the score up. I however do think UConn is down by a couple of scores at the end of the first quarter and it may get ugly quick.

6. If by some miracle we lose this game, how will you cope?

SCS100: I'll live knowing it was a decent opponent. Oh, and I'll probably go get extremely drunk.

Hulk: Large quantities of alcohol. And Strippers. And Blow.

Seth9: I won't.

Shredder: Hold out for a ND win. How we lose is important also. Blow out... You won't see me until Friday. Close but just unlucky.. Maybe Wednesday.

Dark Blue: I will spend a week hiding, since I have made all of these boisterous predications for Michigan football this year.  

7. Final Score (yet again)?

SCS100: 38-21 Michigan

Hulk: 31- 20 Michigan.

Seth9: Michigan 34, UConn 30. Our offense will carry us.

Shredder: UM 31 UCONN 27

Dark Blue: MICH 42-17. Suck on dat Huskies

8.Closing Thoughts?

SCS100: Nope. Hope everyone enjoys the game on Saturday, weather looks good.

Shredder: Yes I hope Marshall wins tonight and If Nard gets the read option down than it will be lights out for UCONN but this team could easily beat us if we TO the ball over and make tackling mistakes. It should be close. UCONN is the trendy pick right now so us vs the world boys. Michigan is about to start the greatest comeback of it's history... as Kevin Harlan would say so.... BUCKLE UP!!

Seth9: This is an absolutely critical season for Rodriguez and this batch of Wolverines. If we fail to make a bowl and achieve a winning record, there's a strong chance that we'll have a new coach and a conventional offense next season. This team has a lot of weaknesses, but a lot of strengths too and our success is going to result from how well our coaches utilize our strengths and mask our weaknesses.

Dark Blue: I was talking with my Dad recently and the conversations turned to Bo’s 1980 Rose Bowl winning team. How many of you know that that team did not have a returning starter in the secondary? Nobody knew anything about them, and they turned out to be pretty damned good. I think our secondary will be fine. GO BLUE

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