Preview: UConn




MICH (5-7 1-7 0-0) vs. UConn (8-5 3-4 0-0)


Its almost time for FOOTBAW peeps. Michigan’s 2010 Fuck.Shit.Up tour starts in just a few short days. First up on the schedule is the UConn Huskies. UConn is a team from the powerhouse College Footbaw conference known as the BIG EAST. What do we know about UConn? Honestly not a whole lot, but I’m sure Google will help me through this.

UConn Offense

On offense, UConn has 8 returning starters from what was a pretty good offense in 2009. This includes 4 star recruit, and former Notre Dame Fighting Irishman Zach Frazer. Why is Mr. Frazer no longer in South Bend? Well as the legend goes, he couldn’t beat out that stud Jimmeh Clausen, and decided the grass really was greener in Connecticut. UConn tends to run a more traditional pro style offense, and they definitely like to establish things on the ground first. A small Table of last years UConn offensive stats.

Passing Yards

Rushing Yards

Total Offense

Points Scored

216.5 YPG

170.7 YPG

387.2 YPG

31.2 PPG

So yeah, not bad offensive stats. Of course a lot of these stats were accumulated against BIG EAST teams, so the numbers may be slightly jaded. Oh yeah, and Notre Dame, so these numbers are most definitely jaded.

 UConn Defense

In what is becoming a reoccurring theme, the UConn Defense also Returns 8 starters (somehow I just changed my font, and haven’t a freaking clue how to change it back. DERP). Senior Linebacker Lawrence Wilson leads the Huskies defense, who in all honesty wasn’t that great last year. The UConn secondary is very young, kind of like MICH’s secondary is very young. Here is some defensive stats per rivals.

Passing Yards

Rushing Yards

Total Yards

Points given up

244.9 YPG

137.6 YPG


25 PPG

So the run defense wasn’t awful, which is why I firmly expect Tate Forcier to have his wings on and to see a whole lot of the field on Saturday.


Since you already know all about the Michigan football team, we’re going to skip over that, and I’ll grade each position group on the field, and then give you my expected final score.








Push, I think Michigan has the advantage here, but if Denard is still unproven and we are still very young




UConn’s Todman is a very good back, Again this is a push, mostly because other then Shaw Michigan’s running backs are largely unproven




I think the WR/TE position is one of Michigan’s strongest, as long as the QB’s can throw, MICh will have a huge advantage here




UConn returns 4 starters from last years team, however MICH gets David Molk back, and Molk wants to fucking kill somebody. Advantage Good Guys




I think I’m being favorable giving UConn a C+, their line is very young, and pretty undersized. Our O-Line should dominate.




Lawrence Wilson is a very good linebacker and the Sporting News picked him as a preseason All American. That in itself is an advantage over MICH




Both of these secondary's are largely unproven, I’m  giving MICH the advantage here based on recruiting, and not so much on any sort of play.


Final Score

I think that if our O-Line can control the game, like they should, we handle UConn fairly easily. Hopefully these words don’t come back and bite me in the ass. MICH 42 UConn 17.

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