Midnight Maize Meetup


On the Saturday of the Bowling Green Game outside of the Stadium somewhere, MM will have its first ever meetup. If you are interested in attending, maybe pounding down some brewdoggers you can send me or Shredder an email. This is a chance to see Derp Blue being a total jackass, fwiw this is completely normal behavior for me. All of the staff have my phone number so if interested send an email, and I’ll give you my number too. How Rad is this? Its pretty fucking rad. I’ll be the guy decked out in Michigan gear, DERP.




The MM staff, oh wait this is the MM support staff, they probably  won’t be attending :(





Obligatory Nard Dawg Pic

2 Response to "Midnight Maize Meetup"

  1. CMR says:

    According to the 10 day forecast, Saturday should be 67 and partly cloudy aka FOOTBAW weather

    I will have three kids with me so I won't be my cussing out of control self. Just a side note...

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