One Shreds Opinion

I mean they put up 42 points right? But after watching the replay I would say it may have been their worse day from a execution stand point. Denard's second pass shouldn't have been thrown. He forced it in for an INT. Two mis-handled snaps, one went for a called back Roundtree touchdown and the other was for a drive killing 7 yard loss. All of this was in his the first half and was cleaned up by the second half. It was good to see that when Denard needs to throw a lot he can do it fairly well. Mike Shaw had his best day and who I have said for a long time could be our best back went for 100+ yards and 3TDs. I really wanna see if Mike can do this on a every game basis. He seemed to do a better job at just using the holes that are given to him instead of dancing. We will see if he can do the same vs BGSU and in Big Ten play. Another coming out party was for Mr.Stonum who had 100+ yards and two big TDs. He showed his elite speed in a WR screen for his first TD. The same question we asked about Shaw will be asked about Stonum. Can he do this going forward?

Once the the Offense got rolling it was a good day but still not it's best. The unit looked to be going through the motions until late in the 2Q so we hoped lessons were learned.

THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE! and thats not very good. Talk about sleep walking/no energy/going through the motion/AHHHHHHHHHHHH RAGE! Even Michigan said "Yeah dude we looked like utter shit". Whether it was death by roll out(Roll out chart coming this week)or by just punching us in the face by running up the middle it was ugly. I put a lot this on Greg Robinson and the coaching staff. They just didn't look ready at all. They made what seemed like no adjustments. My thought is that Will Campbell must be pretty terrible at the moment. Greg refuses to put four down linemen unless on the goal line. The three down linemen just wasn't effective and Michigan refused to change it. Where do we go from here? Lets hope this was a huge wake up call for this side of the defense. If this happens in Big Ten play we will lose. A willing to make adjustments must happen and tackling must be better going forward. Alright I am done rambling.

The Good
-Robinson passing besides his INT
-Welcome to the party Mike Shaw
-Welcome to the party Darrell Stonum
-Taylor Lewan crushing fools?
-At least Mike Martin knows what he is doing.
-Sitting with Section 1 from Mgoblog(THANK YOU SO MUCH!)

The Bad
-OMG they called a Roll out?!?!

The Ugly
-The dude behind me calling for Greg Robinson to be fired.
-James Rogers
-Special Teams look laughable
-Cox still not getting a shot?
-In 09 this is a lost

SCS on the Left????

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