One Shreds Opinion

Was running like a well oiled machine. WR blocking well, O-line was crushing Uconn for the most part. Denard was "narding" fools. The running backs left a bit to be desired but as a unit ran for over 100 yards. You would just love to see that running back step up and be that world beater. It would make Denard even more dangerous. I was very surprised we didn't see any Mike Cox. Not sure if Rich was holding him as a secret weapon(doubt it) for ND but surprised he did't get one carry. WR's played well and didn't drop any passes. They had sure hands. Even Kevin Koger showed his early 2009 self in catching the balls that came his way. Devin's run had me scratching my head since he read the option right and had a lane but tried to break it outside to where Uconn player was blocked. This resulted in a loss but he's gonna learn his way.

As most haters have said "they dropped passes" "UCONN ISN'T WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!" I have heard it all and most of it from a co-worker who was a WR on the MSU 2000 team(I won't name names).
Yeah Uconn wasn't that good. They were not sharp. Do I think they are a Big East offensive juggernaut? NO. Do I think they could fight for the Big Title? Yeah I think so. The bend but don't break was used to the extreme. Their were a good number of holes in the secondary. I hope that can be tightened up a bit because I feel like a dink and dump Kelly offense could have a field day with it. The line played soild but didn't get the push I was hoping for. The Uconn O-line is huge and a very seasoned so they were no push overs. I think we held a lot of blitz packages back so I hope to see a few of those un-leashed on ND. LB played alright, room for improvement for sure.

Random Notes
-Too much Denard.. Yeah there is such a thing.
-Gordan was head hunting must the game.
-Shaw can't have Shaw moments, it could cost us huge down the line.
-Roundtree lose could be big for ND
-Martin did pretty well for getting double teamed all day. Gets bigger every year.
-Roh got some nice pressure.
-Carvin looked good for the half that he played. Got to the ball fast, didnt seem to be thinking too much. I can see why coaches started him. Need him back asap.
-Secondary still looks like it can still get taken to the cleaners. ND will try their best to.
-TATE... No comment.

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