Unbridled Optimism Has Another Hole to Plug



Vlad Emilien has decided to leave the MICHIGAN football team for greener pastures, probably of a FCS school. Vlad suffered a terrible knee injury in high school and their is a lot of speculation that he never recovered from that. We watched him get burned by Roy Roundtree in the spring, on a 96 yard touchdown pass from Denard Robinson. He was listed 3rd on the depth chart behind starter Cam Gordon and  walk on Jared Van Slyke. Van Slyke is now out for the year with a busted clavicle.

This puts some freshman 2 and 3 on the Depth Chart at free safety. I have to believe that Marvelous Marvin Robinson and Ray Vinopal are your second and third stringers. GULP. Freshman at the FS position is never a good thing, so Cam you better stay healthy. Yes I know Cam is a redshirt freshman.

Vlad MM wishes you the best of luck, and hopes that you can get it together and be a contributor for another school. Just whatever you do don’t go to a Big Ten school, we don’t need that. 

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