MidKnights of the Round Table 5

1.Was the Michigan loss because of how Michigan played or more of how good State is? 

The Shredder: I say a little of both. They did a good job in the run game. They got some lucky last second ankle grabs that saved some big runs but at the same time Denard was just off the mark all day and had little to do with MSU pressure. He had almost too much time. Michigan shot it's self in the foot more than anything. 

SCS: Both. Michigan shot itself in the foot way too much during that game, but State is a good team and deserves a lot of credit.

Seth9: A combination of the two. Denard's interceptions were not due so much to the defensive skill of Michigan State as they were unforced bad throws, and they had a major impact on the game. However, Michigan State's running attack was very strong and Michigan State's defense certainly played better than any competition we've faced to date.

Dark Blue: Well there is no question that Sparty played well in the game, but MICH left an ass ton of points on the field. So I'm gonna go with a little bit of both. For the record, I think Sparty is a very very goodt team, and may very well go undefeated. 

Hulk:  A little of both. Michigan obviously shot itself in the foot with drops, penalties, and turnovers. You have to give credit where credit is due though. MSU came out and played a good game on defense and made enough big plays on offense to win. MSU is a good team this year, theres no doubt about it. It should be interesting to watch if they "Sparty NO!" a few games this year like they seem to do every year.

2.Running Back wise who would you like to see getting more of the carries going forward?

The Shredder: Mike Cox for me. Like I said before I don't wanna just come out and hand him the game but give him 3-5 carries and see if he finds his footing. He too good of a physical talent to not try. I know Hopkins can do some damage but I don't see him busting any 20 yard runs due to his speed. I also Hope Shaw is really 100% since he seems to becoming into his own. Sorry V.Smith...

SCS: Hopkins. He's bowled over people when out there. If he can hold onto the ball consistently, he should play.

Seth9: Michael Shaw. Shaw might not be especially shifty, but he's strong, fast, and experienced.

Dark Blue: MOAR MIKE SHAW. Also if Fitz ever gets healthy I'd like to see a little bit of him. 

Hulk: I've said it from day 1. Shaw is the most complete RB on the roster atm. He has the speed to breakaway, has good hands, and is a good blocker on QB lead plays. The knock on him was he had bad vision and went down easy. This year we have seen him get better at finding holes and running with authority. If Shaw is healthy, he should get the most work.

3.Iowa has only allowed 6TDs all season(I think). How many does UM put into the endzone on Saturday?

The Shredder: Last year it was no one had scored a rushing TDs and Minor took that from Iowa pretty quick in the 09 game. I expect Michigan to correct the mistakes and play better in the red zone. They should find the endzone 3-4 times. 

SCS: 3

Seth9: Iowa has yet to face a good offense outside of Arizona, who put up points on them. Our offense should be able to drive the ball so long as we diversify the playbook on third and shorts and if we can avoid making stupid mistakes and stop Clayburn from shredding our line, we'll be able to score. Anticipate Denard and Shaw running away from Clayburn all game by design too.

Dark BlueThis is a revenge game, at home. I think Michigan puts up a ton of points. I'm gonna say 6 Touchdowns. Iowa has yet to face an offense anywhere close to as good as Michigan's. I think this one will be a huge shocker to the rest of the world.

Hulk: I think we could see something like 4 touchdowns against Iowa. I think we can move the ball on them, it will be about not making mistakes. I think we'll see a big play or 2 and then Denard having to grind out 5-7 yards a carry. If Denard stays patient and our OL puts up a fight with Iowas DL, it could get interesting.

4.Does the Denard hype machine getting rolling again?

The Shredder: I think it gets back on track. I don't expect a 400 yard out put but he will be better. He got his off day out of his system. Maybe like 120 yards rushing and 200 yards passing. 

SCS: Yes, but to a lesser extent.

Seth9: The Denard hype machine will roll if Michigan is getting national recognition.

Dark Blue: Has it really died? Sure he had a terrible game, but we've seen what this guy can do. He makes opposing defenses look fucking terrible. The thing going forward that Nard has to remember, is to make the right read, and make good decisions. He's only started 6 games so he will get much much better then he already is. Denard will win a Heisman at some point in his career. 

Hulk: I see Denard putting up pretty good stats, but you don't get a ton of hype if you don't win the game. I think we could see another 125 rushing, 200 passing from Denard.

5.Feelings on some of the coaching during the MSU game? Punting and clock management? 

The Shredder: It was Rich Rods worse day as a coach imo. I won't sugar coat this much but it's embarrassing for him. I hate the whole I tried to call time out crap. I just don't buy that. Why would you even be sending the punt team out in the first place? Not sure what his train of thought was but it didn't help his case to the RR haters and the public. His FG attempt at the end of half was also frustrating since we are so bad in that regard. Just take a shot at the end zone. You have Denard, he may break out of the pocket and who knows. Also the FG was deflected and hit the turf causing it to be live. Not one Michigan player went after that ball and neither were the coaches coaching them to. I will say it's just very frustrating to have our coach make some simple mistakes.

SCS: Rodriguez already admitted to messing up, so I have no more to say.

Seth9: The coaching was simply not good. We should not be running the same play with the same undersized personnel multiple times on third and short. Power with Hopkins or diversify the playbook rather than run Smith in that situation. Furthermore we didn't look ready for MSU's conventional running plays (never mind the end arounds) defensively, which speaks to poor preparation. And, Rodriguez acknowledged that he screwed up by punting, and when a coach acknowledges screwing up, then he really screwed up. I have a few other problems, but they are more minor than these. However, the result was that Dantonio once again outcoached Rodriguez, which is not good.

Dark Blue: As much as I've hated on people for hating on coaching, I'm not going to say anything. I'm using my pass. 

Hulk:  I wasn't thrilled with the end of the game decisions. I think we still had a chance to put some more points on the board with the timeouts remaining. That said, It wasn't because we didn't use a timeout or 2 and not punt with 7 minutes to go that lost us the game. It was poor execution and mistakes.

6.Who you got? UM or Iowa? Score?

The Shredder: Man this is another tough game. After watching us struggle vs MSU and getting only two wins in the Big10 thus far under RR does not bold well. I think we keep it close and play a lot better. The Iowa offense isn't MSU but the play action to Nut should be a killer. I hope I am wrong but Iowa 28 Michigan 21.

SCS: Iowa, 24-21.

Seth9: Michigan 38-31. Iowa's running back situation will help us considerably. If they're at full strength, we lose.

Dark Blue: MICH 45 IoCAW 24

Hulk:  As much as it pains me to say it, I think Iowa nips us for the second year in a row. 31-28. Too much play action for our defense to handle gives them a couple TDs. I would love to be wrong.

7. Player of the game for Iowa will be.... ???

The Shredder: Roundtree. I think Denard may find him for some big plays when Iowa tries and stops the nard running game. He's got the one bad drop but has had a great year. I expect a big day. 

SCS: Adrian Clayborn

Seth9: Denard because, well...Denard.

Dark Blue: It will either be Stanzi or Clayborne, only Clayborne if they somehow manage to contain Denard. It'll prolly be their starting safety, cuz that dude is gonna have the most tackles. 

Hulk: For offense I'll take either Stonum or Lewan/Omameh. I think we should be able to hit some bigger passing plays and if Lewan can compete with Clayborn, and Omameh with Klug, we should be well off.

Defense: Roh and Martin. If Roh and Martin can be disruptive, it will put alot of heat on Stanzi. I'm praying for a Rick Six this week.

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