New Michigan Scoreboard Revealed for Iowa Game(Ms Paint)

Michigan teamed with Dr.Emmit Brown of Hill Valley to produce one of college football's most unique scoreboards. Issues have came up once Denard hits 88mph and is lost in time. Fans not knowing where Denard has traveled to can be very frustrating. This new Scoreboard can now let the fans know where and when Denard is. 

Many have speculated that Denard may even head back to Rich Rods hire date to help get west virginia defensive coordinator Jeff Casteel to join Rich Rod in Ann Arbor to alter time and possibly make the Michigan defense better upon his return. 

Side note: For whatever reason, the Back to the Future bug has bit me. Maybe because the new Blu-Ray hits in a few weeks. Also dates do have meaning. 

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  1. pharmacy says:

    I hadn't seen the game but I will find it as soon as possible 'cos I am a gamer, to be chaste: a heavy one so I can't wait to get it.

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