Big Ten Power Rankings

For the rest of the season, I will rank the Big Ten teams each week in order of how I see them playing in the conference.

1. Ohio State- Undeniably on top of the conference.

2. Michigan State- Beat a Michigan team that shot itself in the foot. Escapes Ohio State this season.

3. Iowa- Had a bye week, still one of the more dominant teams in the conference. Will move up with a win against Michigan this week.

4. Wisconsin- Going for 2 against Minnesota was a dumb move and if karma exists, could come back to haunt them.

5. Michigan- Must regroup against a very good Iowa team. Defense is atrocious (what else is new).

6. Illinois- Somehow stunned Penn State at home and receives a generous ranking because of this.

7. Penn State- What happened last week? Penn State is really having a bad year (massive understatement).

8. Northwestern- Somehow choked against an injury depleted Purdue team. Must bounce back soon.

9. Purdue- Somehow beat Northwestern, avoids the bottom 2 for this reason.

10. Indiana- Demolished by OSU. Still one of the best passing attacks in the conference. Need a defense more than Michigan does.

11. Minnesota- LOL Gophers.

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