One Shreds Opinion

Ugh... I had a feeling this day would come. I was just hoping it wouldn't be a huge game that won't be forgot. That day is the day that Denard Robinson has an off day. I am not saying some of what State did had to do with that but a lot of it was on Denard and his poor play. Unforced errors,arm punts,happy feet,throwing to the wrong jersey. He looked like he just wasn't ready for this huge moment yet. The first INT is just a terrible throw after having all day. If he does what he has been doing all year than that is six points. Michigan could have been up 14-0 to start this game which changes a whole hell of a lot for MSU's point of view. The throw down the middle was so bad. He just stared Grady down the whole time. Mean while Stonum was just all by himself sitting in the flat hoping and screaming for the ball. It would have been a 20 yard gain at least if not more.

V.Smith started off alright at abour 4-5 yards a carry and than Shaw came in and ripped off a great run but than was not seen much after that. Not sure if Shaw was still very banged up or if getting down had to do with it. I think V.Smith is a nice changed of back type of player but for him to be our bread winner at RB is not gonna get it done. I thought that before the major injury and I think that now. I really really wanna see Mike Cox given a chance. I am not saying come Iowa he should be given 15-20 carries but for the love of god just mix him a bit. Give him a carry here and there. Maybe 3-5 carries and see if he can get his feet wet.

Wide Receivers also had their worst day but I feel some of that was they were just trying to get the ball as fast as they could to make plays which ended up with Roundtree and Hemingway looking to take off with the ball before they had it. Stonum in my mind is still underplaying but that's a whole other topic. Odoms had a jump catch that was amazing and was all for nothing since we went for a FG. Good thing for Odoms since he gets called a smurf by many MSU fans.

O-line seem to be off to a fast start on Saturday but once the planned changed to pass they struggled a bit. Even giving up a sack. They just couldn't get to the next level on many runs. I haven't re watched the game yet and I am not sure if I will but thats where I look at the o-line more.

Well the Defense came out and got a few stops. It's really too bad the offense couldn't take advantage of them. It may have been a very different day. When it comes to the defense, it is what it is. I just hope for a few stops so our offence can get on the field and make it's magic. The Defense looked sub par. It really did enough I think for UM to pull out a tight one if the Offense wouldn't have lost its way. The D-line got some nice pressure at times but the cut backs from States three headed monsters were killers. Obi proved more on why the dude maybe a great person.... He isn't much of a Mike LB.

The secondary proved to be the worst in the nation as it is still held by that crappy white glue from elementary school. I know all the true frosh are just that and have no right on the field but some of the hype(he's the real deal/ready to play now) for Cullen Christan coming in looks to be pretty far off. He maybe the worst of the three frosh corners at this point. He was burnt badly on a play action for a TD. It sucked seeing Mike Martin hurt. Lets hope to our crappy Michigan god that he is alright. Cam Gordan had a rough day. Over playing a lot of the time. He just isn't fast enough to make up those mistakes. He also laid a few hard hits but didn't rap the running backs legs making them useless. Still for the people freaking out(looking at you MGB idiots) this isn't terribly surprising. I mean just wake up. T-Wolf went down and we were already iffy at that point. Talent just isn't there or being developed which is a huge concern for me right now. How is Kenny not playing at MLB is beyond me.

Coach Rod
I don't ever say much about the coach. I have always been a supporter. I think he is a offensive genius and has proved that but at some point he has take ownership of that defense. It's a part of football and always will be. All the changes he has done and not holding a few position coaches responsible has been alarming and in the end may be his undoing. I think he knows this but is it too late? I hope not.

Some of his calls on Saturday were very bad. Not going for it down 7 mins and punting and never seeing the ball again. I think he was scared to get run up on but at that point who gives a fuck right? Carr didn't call off the dogs down 17 with about the same time left in 2004. Rich Rod put up the white flag at that point in my eyes and it was sad that he decided to give in. Also some poor clock management and a FG attempt at the end of the half had me scratching my head. We are 2/5 on the season in FG and on our own 30... I take a shot. I just do. The % is higher with our offense and who knows. The kick didn't even make it to the end zone and was also "live" by the way and none of the Michigan players ran to pick up and try to score. They just walked off the field.... Not knowing... 

I don't want him fired or anything like that because we have a great chance to win 8 which would be above our exceptions but he needs to be better and so does this team. I think he would say the same.

The Good
-Oline play.... for the first quarter.
-At this pace Michigan State won't reach .500 vs Michigan until 2032.... yea.

The Bad
-Frosh Corners
-Senior Corner
-FG at the end of the half
-OLine for three quarters

The Ugly
-I hate to say it... Denard Robinson
-Clock management.
-Punting down 17 with 7 mins left.
-Coach Rod(his worst game overall)
-Greg Jones hype
-All Three of MSU's Running Backs are better than any of ours. This is like bizarro world. 

No pictures worth looking at... Just a song I listen to after these sad times...

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