Hi RCMB!!!

Welcome to Midnight Maize! It's always nice to have new readers. Especially readers as intelligent, upstanding, and classy as you! After seeing the thread on which you linked to our humble blog, I was amazed by a level of discourse that has yet to be matched on any University of Michigan blog. Here's a sample that I really, truly think does your fanbase justice:

So in one corner we have mrlmichael. We have learned several things about him today:
  • He is a Michigan fan who did not go to the school. He roots for Michigan because he was treated for a rare form of childhood arthritis that had made it very difficult for him to walk at the University of Michigan. This treatment allowed him to grow up normally.
  • He went to a community college to get his education while taking care of his grandmother who had a broken neck.
  • When his grandmother was able to take care of herself, he chose to serve in the armed forces of the United States.
Most benighted Michigan fans would find all of this to be incredibly positive. In fact, we might say that he has a heartwarming life story and respect him for it. But thanks to our Spartan friends at the RCMB, we have been educated as to what a worthless human being mrlmichael really is. Just think about it, he's a Michigan fan who, God forbid, didn't go to the University of Michigan. Therefore, we have to conclude that he's an idiot and a drain on society, despite his service to our country and his care for his grandmother. Normal, decent people might find such sentiment to be idiotic, classless, and generally below-board, but enlightened Spartans know better.

8 Response to "Hi RCMB!!!"

  1. Dark Blue says:

    This is the best thing you've ever written/ no sugarcoat

    Seth9 says:

    Thanks DB. Unfortunately, I can't make the pictures any smaller without killing resolution and thus making them illegible. Ah well.

    SCS100 says:

    Owned. Ouch, guess you proved my point in my post rather fast.

    TLP says:


    Anonymous says:

    the thing you failed to mention: this guy went on a Michigan State fan forum and started talking sh*t to everyone. what did you expect, for him not to get called out?

    Seth9 says:

    So, you're saying that he was trolling...on a thread advocating the invasion of a poll on a blog dedicated to a rival team...

    Even if we ignore the hypocrisy there, we are left with the question of why people were attacking him for not going to Michigan, rather than for being a Michigan fan trolling an opposing team's blog. Of course, looking at his earlier comments, it is questionable he said anything too egregious:

    "Question: If you are a spartan fan is it frowned upon to shop at wal-mart? I just ask because wal-mart is such an easy place for all your shopping needs. It would be a shame if everyone was missing out."

    "This is hilarious."

    " 'Originally Posted by Artie Loves Pancakes
    What's hilarious? That you're sitting in Belgium surfing tRCMB? I'd say you have a pretty sad life, and it's far more depressing than 'hilarious.' '

    Yeah, some people you know, actually venture outside of Michigan once in awhile. You should try it. I lived there for 18 years."

    In summary, he made a mildly amusing comment that nobody took issue with about Wal-Mart, a comment expressing amusement that members of RCMB were taking time to go vote on a poll at a small, niche Michigan blog in order to accomplish...something, and a sarcastic retaliation to someone attacking him for his actions. This is arguably trolling, but it certainly isn't anything major. And he didn't take much in the way of abuse until it was revealed that he didn't attend Michigan, at which point the focus was not on whether or not he was trolling, but that he was stupid and useless because he went to a community college.

    So, in summary, your argument is not valid because:

    a) The argument that he was trolling is undercut by the thread advocating for the invasion of a rival's blog.

    b) He did not say much that was egregious as far as trolling goes, so the response was clearly disproportionate.

    c) He was called out for rooting for Michigan without attending the school, not for trolling or, as you put it, "talking sh*t".

    You won't win this battle nameless. Look Seth even has a) b) and a c). You are lucky their wasn't a d)

    Anonymous says:

    Haha. mrlmichael is me. I just happened to stumble on this. Sometimes I like to go onto other teams blogs and forums to get a different point of view, I never really troll or talk trash. RCMB was impossible though.

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