Michael Rosenberg is Hilariously Ironic Sometimes

It's been quite awhile since Michael Rosenberg published his highly inaccurate investigative piece on Michigan's practices. And the fervor with which a number of Michigan fans attacked almost everything he writes has died down for the most part. But today, Rosenberg wrote a pointless article on conspiracy theories in sports with idiotic omissions (...there's nothing in there about the World Cup...and he wrote about Jordan's gambling and James' performance in the playoffs last season). And there's an excerpt in there that Michigan fans will find hilariously ironic:

If you believe that spectator sports exist largely to spark conversation, you have to love a good conspiracy theory, which is not the same thing as believing it. Conspiracy theories have been around sports forever -- in ancient Greece, the first Olympic marathon winner supposedly rode a horse for a few miles.

Actually, I just made that up. But it's a good one, isn't it? I almost believed it myself, and I'm the guy who made it up! So today, let's look at a few of sports' favorite conspiracy theories -- and try to take a detached view of how believable they really are.

And what else can we apply that quote to, I wonder...a certain investigation from awhile back, maybe.

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