MidKnights of the Round Table 6

1.Does Denard get invited to New York?

The Shredder: I really hope so. When this crazy Denard is gonna win the Heisman talk started I always just thought... "Hey I just want the kid to go to NYC". It's good for him and Michigan. Win or not. I think he does enough to get invited. I think Cam has this thing in the bag and has no chance unless Michigan and Denard go all nuts and win out.

Dark Blue: Yes Denard will get invited to the Heisman show. he will have a great rest of the year.

SCS: Yes

Seth: Yes. Assuming that a healthy Denard is able to lead Michigan to a bowl game and put up good numbers on Wisconsin and Ohio State, he should make it.

Hulk: Gone Fishing.

2.What will a loss to PSU cause you to do?

The Shredder: Ahhh maybe pull my hair out. Having to listen to the "this is 2009 all over again" will cause fits of rage. Losing this game to such a beat up PSU team could really put the heat on Rich Rod. He has to win the games when you are clearly the better team. I think Michigan is that team in this game.

Dark Blue: If we lose to Penn St. I will throw myself off of the top of a building in Chicago, but this isn't gonna happen. PSU is so deadt. 

SCS: Focus more on hockey.

Seth9: Cry, a lot.

Hulk:Gone to the Butt Dart Club

3.Whos your horse? Tate or Denard?

The Shredder: Gotta be Denard. You would have to be idiot to bench the kid. There is a major reason Michigan's offense is even better this year with him at QB. Sure he is has made some mistakes but those kinks will be worked out in time. Having Tate is a major asset to this team and I hope he says what he means in that he will stay. 

Dark Blue: DENARD ALL DENARD(deep CAPS analysis) 

SCS: Denard(deep analysis)

Seth: Denard(deeper analysis) 

Hulk: Gone to a NBA game

 4.Two things that go right on Saturday?

The Shredder: The running game: I expect Michigan to do what has been doing. Run a muck all over the field. The test comes in the red zone. I hope Hopkins is given that chance and can move  the pile a bit more than V.Smith has. Denard should hit 150 if he stays healthy. 

Denard will go right and is back: I expect Denard to get back to Denard esk plays. He will break a big one and find Hemingway deep. A bye week will do him wonders.

Dark Blue: Score 50 points and we force 3 turnovers.

SCS: Rush defense (Only if Martin is healthy) and the run game makes a return.

Seth: Denard will run all over Penn State's depleted defense and our defense will contain Penn State's offense so long as Bolden doesn't come back. With Demens at linebacker and Mouton much improved over last year, I don't see Penn State able to run all over us and a walk-on QB will lead a passing attack that we can actually defend against.

Hulk: Gone to a truck stop

5.Score? Where we bowling? 

The Shredder: I expect Michigan to win something like 34 to 24. I really think our defense is still an issue and Even may have a few nice runs to keep PSU in it some what. Also a 8pm night games can have a few tough spots. 

I think we will bowling in the Gator Bowl.. Outback would be nice but I doubt it.

Dark Blue: Final Score is MICH 50 PSU 28. We end up in the Gator Bowl.

SCS: 35-24 M. Insight Bowl.

Seth: Michigan 31, Penn State 23. And I see us going 8-4 and finishing 5th in the Big Ten, which should get us to the Gator Bowl because either Wisconsin or Michigan State should be able to grab the conference a second BCS bid, moving Michigan up to 4th in the selection process.

Hulk: Gone to the Golden Banana.

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