RCMB The Classiest Joint This Side of Jackson Prison







So ripping on a dead legend eh? This is what this rivalry has become? MSU fans always wonder why we look at them as “Little Brother.” Well this pretty much sums it all up. How fucking terrible is this? You are talking about what you are going to do, to the corpse of a man, who was not only respected in College Football circles, but a man who was highly regarded in life. If you listen to anyone who had any kind of a relationship with Bo, you would know that this man was loved, respected and admired. I have never heard one of Bo’s former players say anything bad about him. Legend, MSU he is a legend.

I could resort to Dantonio heart attack jokes here, but you know what, its not worth my time. This RCMB thread was one of the most sickening things I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading. I know, I know, I should know better then to click on anything having to do with the RCMB, but sometimes curiosity overwhelms me. Hopefully I have learned my lesson this time.

So Sparty, you can suck it. You can burn your fucking couches, and be so goddamn optimistic when Dantonio guides you to a 7-5 season with a birth in the Rosie O’Donnell’s fat ass bowl. It will be great fun watching SMU score 50 on you. Not as much fun as watching Denard Robinson destroy you. You’re season is fucked after Saturday, there is only one way for you to go, and its straight down.

Edit: There on occasion, is a little bit of class at the RCMB, thank you PPTPW54 for not being a total douche like some of your brethren.

3 Response to "RCMB The Classiest Joint This Side of Jackson Prison"

  1. Yak says:

    Wow. I was worried I had gone too far.

    Anonymous says:

    Selective outrage FTL.

    So wishing a heart attack on a rival coach is ok in your book? That's the implication given from your decidedly one sided rant.

    Truth is the whole thread is sad, not just the part about defiling Bo's grave.

    Dark Blue says:

    @ Anonymous

    I agree with you the whole thread was sad, and wishing a heart attack on an opposing coach is just as shitty as defiling Bo's grave. I admit that.

    There are obviously childish fans on both sides, I neglected to bring that up and that is my fault. I'm not gonna go back and change the post, but if anyone reads the comments, I'm admitting my mistake right here.

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