Late Night Picks

News and Notes

  • I go 5-0 last week with me the only one seeing MSU as a solid team.
  • Dark Blue beats to the beat of a different porno but we already knew that(FSU,LSU).
  • Seth and I went with this exact pick for the ND game. I think this is more us going with what worked for ND. So we will take a loss for a UM win.
  • Bam Bam still rolling 
  • FSU is one of my 4 losses so you won't fool me again Dancing with Wolves. 
  • USC on it's way to a slow death? Three years ago everyone would have had USC.

1 Response to "Late Night Picks"

  1. Seth9 says:

    SCS and Hulk, hopefully you guys beat me this week. DB, I kind of want Florida to beat LSU and Miami to beat FSU, so I hope I beat you by 1.

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