MidKnights of the Round Table 9



1. What will a win against MSU mean to Michigan, what will it mean to you?

SCS100: It will mean a ton to Michigan and give them a huge confidence boost for the rest of the season. If they win this weekend, that momentum might carry them through Iowa and Penn State, both games I had marked down as losses at the beginning of the season. To me, it will mean that I don't have to hear any crap from my friends at State until basketball season. Good thing I don't care about basketball.

Seth9: To Michigan, beating MSU is an important step in the rebuilding and transformation of the program. It also means that we are bowl eligible and that we managed to beat our second rival for the first time in the Rodriguez tenure. And finally, it would be an important Big Ten win. But still, it's just another step. To me, it means that I no longer have to put up with my friends who went to MSU making fun of me.

The Shredder: Mean a lot. Like that monster thing on that girls awesome blog (Ed: I’m guessing he is talking about Hyperbole and a Half?). Just sick of hearing MSU fans acting like two years is 10 years. It's like they are kids who were never fed candy. Now they got their hands on some and act super hyper/spaz about getting two wins in series that they haven't been even close to sniffing our balls(wait does that make sense?). It's more of not wanting to hear them for the next year with their count downs and trolling. Notice how never did a count the day from your last win from 02-07? Because we expect to win. You hope to win. That has always been the difference.

Dark Blue: When we win the jame peeps are gonna know that we are back. For reelz this time. Also instead of listening to Sparty gloat about winning two years in a row, we get to listen to Sparty bitch about how they were screwed outta this jame. This jame is HUGE

2. How many yards do we put up, how many do we give up?

SCS100: We put up 482 yards and give up 436 yards.

Seth9: We will put up 500 and give up 515.

The Shredder: .If UM wants to win it's gonna have to be some good scoring. So we put up 620 and they put up 588.

Dark Blue: We put up about 600, and give up somewhere about 500. Most of the yards we give up will be through the air, I mean Cousins is a goodt QB, and our rush D isn’t bad.

3. Can GERG fix the defense (I don't think anything is wrong with the defense, they just have to be goodt enough to win)?

SCS100: Currently, no. He needs more depth and better players overall. Come back next year and ask this question again.

Seth9: GERG cannot fix the defense. Nobody can fix the defense. A defense that is constantly forced to play a 7-8 man zone and still gives up passing yards in bunches is irreparable this season. The only thing we can do, imo, is try to send more pass-rushers for the purpose of forcing bad throws that our more talented players, like Jonas Mouton, can grab up for interceptions.

The Shredder: .Having Herron back should help. I hope to see Roh with his hand down. I don't want him wondering around out in the secondary doing stuff he's not good at our out of his element. He's really like Donny if he is covering. You can't fix talent and freshmen, at least not this year. You just have to be better.

Dark Blue: Our D only has to be goodt enough to win, which so far they have been. Lets get some experience on this side of the ball, and we’ll be just fine.

4. Will Denard make Greg Jones his bitch?

SCS100: No. Greg Jones is that good and I think he will be the one guy who manages to keep Denard somewhat in check this season. That being said, the rest of State's defense is not that good and I wouldn't be surprised to see Denard torch State through a short passing game.

Seth9: Yes.

The Shredder: .I think the whole Denard vs Greg this is pretty blow out there. I think most has come from RCMB idiots with the "WAIT TELL DNOB! MEETS GREG JONES! HE WILL BE SOOOOOO DEAD! I mean will he tackle him at some point? Yes more than once. Will Denard get by Greg? Yes more than once. So I think it's all overrated. I know Teo isn't as sound as Greg due to his youth but he's pretty damn good and probably a better NFL prospect and Denard took his hits and ran around him(or Heisman posed him)

Dark Blue: Yes. No question Jim

5. Final Score?

SCS100: Michigan squeaks by 42-38.

Seth9: MSU 44, Michigan 42. Denard will shred MSU's defense, but Kirk Cousins and co. will shred our secondary.

The Shredder: Man this game is such a toss up. I feel the same way I felt at ND but this one is at home which makes it even harder. MSU prepares for M better than anyone. If they stop Deanrd and Michigan just a few times it could be a huge swing in the score. I just can't see the Defense being good enough in play action to get stops. At some point the defense is gonna have to help win games. I expect it to be close but we lose in a tight one but I am hoping I wrong via ND. MSU 38 UM 35.

Dark Blue: MICH 49 MSU 35

6. If we win what does that mean for the rest of the season?

SCS100: It means that we will probably be on a huge momentum roll that will either come to a screeching halt against Iowa or carry us through and potentially set us up for a 10-2 season (don't hold your breath on that). The main thing is to take it one game at a time and just hope for the best.

Seth9: If we win, it means that we are in the race for a Big Ten title.

The Shredder: It means we could win 9-10 games. That would be out standing going into 2011. We would be riding high and people could stop killing us for who we have played. It also pushes Denard farther into the Heisman talk. A loss can kill it fast.

Dark Blue: It means that peeps no we are back fo realz. It also is the first (okay second) step towards a Big Ten Title.

7. Give us your best DERP I know an MSU fan story

SCS100: Inexplicably, if I don't count all of the trolling comments/RCMB posts that I've read, I don't have one. My neighbors were Spartans/Spartan fans and none of them gave me much flack. Another acquaintance of mine is a rabid Spartan fan, but he respects Michigan and is not idiotic in his thinking. He's also quite critical of Rick Comley (State's hockey coach), which is something you won't hear much. I guess I've just been lucky.

Seth9: My favorite MSU fan story was meeting one in my dorm last year who goes to Michigan. I asked him why he rooted for MSU and he said that he was a MSU fan for life but went Michigan for undergrad because MSU wasn't strong enough academically for him. This amused me considerably.

The Shredder: A former MSU player I work with lies all the time. He said he scored TDs in such in such games. I looked up his stats and he only played in blow outs and never really saw the field. He also claims that Saban still contacts him to come help recruit at Bama which makes zero sense why you wouldn't drop your 2-10 to go do that. It's sad.

Dark Blue: I covered this here. I’m sure I can think of a better story, but I haven’t the time.

8. any thing else?

SCS100: This would be a very important win, but remember, even if we lose, the goal is to get to a bowl game and have a decent record. We can achieve this even if we lose to State, so don't think that this game is the end of the world.

Seth9: Michigan will have to play some defense this week. We cannot afford to pull another UMass or Indiana. Hopefully, Rodriguez and GERG came up with an idea to get a few stops this week, or we will lose. That said, we do have several intangibles in our favor that could swing the game in our favorable. First of all, it's a home game, which is a big deal in a rivalry. Secondly, it's MSU's first road game of the year and this isn't exactly an easy environment that they'll be playing in. And thirdly, MSU has yet to face an offense anything like ours, so they're defense will have major issues preparing for the game.

The Shredder: This the biggest game UM has played in some time. It's nice to have these big games again. I hope I am dead wrong and we win this game. MSU is very balanced and dangerous. They will really test UM. I just want Michigan to come out with the same intensity as MSU. I feel we have failed to bring that the last two year. MSU has just seemed to want it more(UM slept walked through most of last years game). I want our guys to run out for blood. I think this teams is older and is understanding how important it is to put the bitch back in her place. GO BLUE.


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