One Shreds Opinion

Got off to a slow start. Maybe due to the adjustment of a loud liquored up Marmot Stadium or some rust from a bye week. The first 3 and out was very disappointing and mostly due to the coaches call of V.Smith run up the middle on a 3rd and 1. He was of course stuffed for a lose. He has all year on that play. It hasn't worked. He even fumbled during the Iowa game. Just one of those many things you wonder about. How have they not figured out that running a 200lb(maybe I am being nice) into a wall of 300lb d-linemen just won't work. Maybe bring in your 230lb RB in Hopkins to try and pick up the tough yard? It's those little dumb mistakes by coaches that cost UM games since we need to score on almost all our positions.

Denard played pretty well. He made bad passes here and there that cost them a few drives. I felt bad for Stonum since all the balls that were thrown at him were high,low and in the dirt. WR had little to do in that game. That just didnt see the ball that much. We haven't seen Roy Roundtree in sometime it seems like. Koger made one of his better plays of the year and showed some nice speed and size. The RB spot is still a mess. Hopkins played pretty well in blocking and had a few nice runs but nothing earth shattering. Mike Shaw must still be hurt or has fallen out of the rotation. It would be madding if Shaw was fine and we were still smashing V.Smith in there. O-line still played solid and made some nice holes for Denard. At the end of the day it just wasn't enough. They cant afford to get down since they love to run the ball. The slow start really cost them this game(well outside our D....or anti D).

I don't really dont even know where to start. Bad Mouton showed. Demons struggled and all the frosh in the back have no right being in there for another 2 years. I feel like this D is wasting our year. If we were just Avg we would be 8-0 and everyone would be Denard crazy. But this world isn't perfect. Its cruel and mean. I knew when Mike Martin went down that we would not be stopping Even Royster or the PSU offense. They get zero push with out him. It's just more bad luck for Rich and Silver Fox. I don't really want to get into it. That makes me the so-so blogger that I am.

I don't get into the whole pitch forking because Michigan has done waaaaay more for me than I have done for it. I just support and roll my eyes at the haters. People need to go on with their lives and believe that some day this will all get sorted out and it's in the hands of people at Michigan. I support either way. You won't catch me dead with a pitch fork since I respect Michigan too much. People go out and spend time with loved ones and the kids. Life goes on. This will all shake out one way or the other and you will have no part of how it will end.

The Good
-Deanrd passing Randle-EL for all time leading QB rusher.
-Hopkins was solid
-Koger making the most of his big catch.
-Denard's Pat White like Option read
-It's good!

The Bad
-Denard passing
-WR left out of the game.
-Gallon's one huge mistake.
-Marmot Stadium chants(what did they do before the white stripes?)

The Ugly
-V.Smith in a power I
-Mike Martin hurt...
-The Dline - Mike Martin=No Push
-Frosh running around with their heads cut off in secondary.
-Being beat by a man(team) in a neck brace and leaning on a crutch.
-Michigan is on life support

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