10 Random Predictions

I can pretty much tell the future. I hang out with Professor X and drive a Delorean on the weekends. Oh and Desmond is my 2nd cousin. I have foreseen the following.

10. Kenny Demens will be become a all big ten performer
-He now has the coaching to go along with the talent. As long as his shoulder holds out he should be come the best MLB since David Harris. He has the starting gig on lock down and all big ten type of year will happen. I see a 1st or 2nd team in his future.

9.Denard will throw more INTs then last year.
-Not the best prediction but with the new system and bad foot work still in the brain he will turn the ball over more in first 6 games then last year. After game six the game and offense should start to slow down for him. I see a 23 TDs and 16 INTs type of year for Denard

8.Michigan vs ND will set records
-I know its nothing ground breaking but I expect the Big House attendance record to go down on this night.

7.Michigan will lose to Norte Dame and beat OSU.
-Call it a bizarre gut feeling but our team will still be feeling out the coaches and still thinking a lot. Kelly might be the first legit coach the Irish have hired since the good Dr. OSU will spiral out of control once they lose games they normally don't. Team turns on each other and by the Michigan game just want the season over. Michigan will have been Hoked by then and the thinking on the field will be a thing of the past.

6.Devin Gardner will have people thinking..
-When Devin gets to play in spots he will look good. So good he will have people thinking... Should we benc.... Na! Denard get back in there!

5.Michael Shaw and Smith win the RB job
-I have stuck with Shaw for the last two years.. Might as well keep it rolling. The offense will suit him better. He no longer has to think as much. Cox will push for time but Shaw sees most the snaps. Smith will be on 3rd downs.

4.Wile is the real deal
-Wile becomes our first legit kicker since Rivas, he makes fans weep when he hits a game winner vs NW.

3.The Michigan secondary looks good.
- It is a strong part of the defense and doesn't look like a black hole of sadness for once. The curse of Turner and Boo Boo is over.

2.Defensive line has issues
-Defensive line still doesn't have someone that can kill QBs on a every down basis. It keeps Michigan at the bottom of the Big 10 in sacks. Black still needs a lot of work and becomes the Navarre of DEs to fans.

1.Michigan is Average.
-Michigan goes on to have a 7-5 year or 8-4 year. Fans are happy the defense looks average for the first time in 3 years. The offense has ups and downs but hits its stride by game 6 or 7. Michigan builds some steam for the 2012 season after beating OSU and winning its bowl game. People have high exceptions going into 2012.

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  1. Dark Blue says:

    You forgot a prediction. Brady Hoke eats 39 Hot Dogs at half time of the OSU game inspiring his team to come out and win.

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