Fan Day 2011

Note: I am still learning how to use my SLR so some of the shots may be a bit washed out or lack color. I had the ISO up to high on a few.

Well I did it. I went to Fan Day 2011. I almost said forget it since I worked 3rd and I was dead tired and it was raining.

 Midnight Maize 

I sat in the Meijers parking lot wondering if it was gonna be worth the trip. One of the main reason I wanted to go was to try out my new SLR camera and if it was gonna rain the whole time then I wouldn't be able to use it. After almost falling a sleep in the parking lot a few times I said... What the hell.. I'll just go.

 Midnight Maize 

On the road I was so tired I had to do more dangerous things to keep myself awake. Like Tweet like crazy to keep myself active. Listening to some Michael Jackson helped too.

 Midnight Maize 

Then I saw this beautiful Cheetah.

Fan day adventures: What a graceful cheetah..

After the beauty of the Cheetah wore off I was thinking about pulling over and getting a quick nap. I swear I was seeing things.

 Midnight Maize 

Then I got a new wind when I was just tweeting like crazy and being a hazard on the highway. I finally made it to A2 and looked for a Wendys for like 20 mins. I followed my GPS to the one by the Damons. I was beyond happy to drag my ass in there for a cheese burger and fries with a super large Coke. In fact I think I had best Wendys burger ever that day. It was fresh with plain cheese. Just how I like it. After sucking down a gallon of Coke I headed over the Big House.

It was 1pm so I wasn't super early or anything. The year before we got there at 11am and waited but this year I just wanted to get less popular position groups... Well I was mistaken. Every line was wrapping around the Big House. Last year I just walked into the LB line and a few others. This year the mouth breathers were out in full force. I couldn't even get a poster. I think I was only one with out one. I swear some people had like 10. It seemed like the school had very little control over this event. People could barley stand in line right. I think about 25k showed up and the year before maybe 11-14k showed so a lot more people. I ended up just wondering around the stadium looking for the shortest line. They ended up smashing all the D linemen,LB,CB and special teams all in one line instead of spreading them out which was dumb as hell. I ended up just taking some pics of the team getting a deal picture before settling on a line.

Some score board shots.

They are very impressive. They are huge and awesome. I always hated the old ones since replays were hit or miss depending on where your seats were. Now you won't miss a play. It is a GIANT upgrade.

I then decide to go sit my ass in line. I chose the WR since I wanted Stonum, Roy and Juniors Autos. I thought I was pretty far back. I had no idea as the line got longer and longer behind me.

That line only got longer. I then had Mr.Gallon run in front of me to use the rest room. When you gotta go.. You gotta go.

Lots of kids were having fun at least. I wish my boy was old enough to bring and play catch while we waited. I did find a Mini Denard

The players seem to have a lot of fun and were great to the fans. I was a bit disappointed that Stonum wasn't there but I understand why.

Here are the three things I came away with signed. I was lucky to get three things signed. I heard some came away with zero after getting cut off in line.

After getting through the WR I saw no point in trying any other lines since there was only 15mins left. So I just started shooting the camera.

Then I thought I ran into Dave Brandon on the field... I did not. This is his clone! I watched a fan come and say "Hello Mr.Brandon, nice to meet you" The guy was like "Yeah I am not him.. We do look a lot alike don't we?" The fan agreed and walked off a bit embarrassed but really I thought it was him before I heard him say he wasn't. My pic isn't the best but they are freaking clones.
Now the Moment you have been waiting for... HOKE POINTING AT THINGS!

The kickers had a competention and I am not sure who won but Wile did look good and level. He seems like a quite kid. He was just nailing one FG after another and with a giant crowd cheering around him. Its not 107k on Saturday but its a good sign.

I headed up the tunnel and got a few pics

As I was sitting the bottom of the tunnel packing up my camera I can hear the old man staff guy yelling at people to move. Then comes the kickers running up the tunnel. Then Brady Hoke. I put my hand out and Brady gives me some skin(as my dad used to say). Of course I went right to Twitter. Brady was put into a white padded van(ok it wasn't padded) and drove off.

 Midnight Maize 

The Good
-Denard is a true superstar. It was a frenzy at his table all day.
-The kids love them some Denard.
-Some kid in line asked his dad "why did Michigan trade Tate?" The Dad: He didn't get traded. He was kicked off the team for being a loser and skipping class".
-Marcus Ray was great to the fans.
-The kicking on the field
-People who act like human beings
-WR core are like BFF.
-Dave Brandon clone
-Hoke high five
-People who come and hit the food stands. I never thought I needed cheesy nachos while waiting to get my football signed.
-Going on the field
-Yay! I got a Magnet!
-My Wendys Plain Cheese Burger

The Bad
-Lines... Lines..
-Sorta unorganized
-Moving all the defense to one section.
-Having linemen with QBs.
-I didn't get a poster which sucks and I love seeing people who have like 10 of them. Again a lack of control.
-Going over 30 hours with out sleep.. Dumb on my part.

All in all it was a good trip but its starting to become to crowded. I think it needs to be moved back to the practice fields so they can control it a bit better. Some kids didn't meet a single player because of how it is set up. I hope for less people next year but I know that is a long shot. Thanks for looking.

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  1. I've got your back on the poster (if you still want it). I was in the QB/TE line for the entirety of fan day because of the damn cutters, though (so unfortunately, it was rained on).

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