Two things that are non related chapped my ass today.

First Dave Brandon. I like a lot of what he has done(trying to make a better stadium experience, night games ect) but this is going to far.

"I don't believe we can or should go on the road for nonconference games when we can put 113,000 people in our stadium.  It's, financially, the right thing to do. It's the right thing to do for our fans, in terms of their ticket packages. And we're going to alternate with Notre Dame, so we're going to have one game on the road every other year. So the rest of those games, I would like to have at Michigan Stadium."
Dude.. Come on. You wanna keep Michigan a national brand yet they will never leave the midwest(besides bowl season). No legit team will come in and play us without a home at home series. Get used to Ball State,WMU, and Toledos of the world.

I have found memories of the late 90s and early 2000 as Michigan would head out west and play Washington and Oregon. They are tough games to go play but they are fun to watch.

I loved Brian's take and agree 100%
Kiss ever seeing an interesting non-ND nonconference opponent goodbye. This is another symptom of the AD's descent into full-blown corporate ninnydom: we get to play Alabama in Dallas because it makes incrementally more money than having an exciting home game. Brandon fails to understand that the point of an athletic department is not to accumulate the biggest Scrooge McDuck vault. (See also: renting the Big House for your special event, though that's far less offensive since I don't have to buy a 70 dollar ticket to the Jones-Wilson wedding. Unless I do. Do I?) Even if it was, the marginal difference between one home game against a real opponent and two body-bag games from schools charging a million each is not that much. People will suck up the difference on the ticket cost: a Clemson ticket that costs $80 will make people happier than an EMU one that costs $70.
What Next Dave McBrandon? You gonna ink a deal with Ted Turner for Michigan games to be only shown on TBS and TNT before Hawthorn? This sucks.

Drinking and Driving is fine by Notre Dame
Next is Michael Floyd. I wonder if he had a couple to celebrate his lame punishment? Miss zero games? Or am I jumping the gun? Sounds like he won't. Dude goes out and get caught drinking and drive three times and misses zero games? I expect Stonum to miss at least 3 games. Anything else would be wrong. 

You shouldn't get to play in important football games when you put peoples lives in danger. Kelly is a good football coach but he is wrong on this one. Kelly wants to win the Michigan game and this has a lot to do with it.... Catch a Bud for me Michael.

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