Recruiting? Check.

The impossible has happened..... Midnight Maize found a recruiting guru. I would like to introduce ScoutExile. Scout has already gotten to work with his Thomas Tyner interview. To keep up with Scout and Midnight Maize recruiting follow @ScoutExileMM He should have a lot of updates and recruiting tidbits being posted through twitter.

We will also have Scout on our Midnight Chats on most night talking recruiting and taking questions. The recruiting link won't work for a bit as we figure out the recruiting board and prospect interviews. But it will be coming.

We maybe adding a second recruiting dude but I am still in the middle of talking with that second party. So recruiting news will be oozing out of Midnight Maize starting now. Enjoy and welcome Scout to Midnight Maize!

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  1. a recruiting guru?? really? I would like to know more about him and to know his name of course, if you have it, could you share it with us pretty please!?

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