10 things I hate about The Notre Dame Fighting Irish

9.Notre Dame Stadium 

A highlight from last weeks USF vs ND game
I remember a short time ago when the Big House was outdated but now is a thing of beauty. At least the Big House had some sort of stats and video for replays before all the updates. Going to a game at Notre Dame Stadium is like going back in time to 1955 in Docs DeLorean. I think all the fans drive there wind up old model Ts to the Stadium every Saturday to tail gate. Don't even get me going on the turf and the mess that it is. Seems like every game I watch the turf is a giant mess. Grass flying everywhere. The score board is a thing of 1975 with giant bulbs for score. No replays or stats. I will give it this. It does have cool clip art(like hands clapping) that displays a long the bottom. That is pretty 1992. So if you wanna go back in time then check a game out at Notre Dame Stadium... Bring your top hat.

8.Notre Dame Weather
I swear to god when I click over to NBC to watch ND the weather is always awful. Its like South Bend has rain monsoons every Saturday. If Michigan has a secondary hating god then Nortre Dame has a shitty weather god. I think they give a rain poncho with every season ticket purchase.
7.The Irish Ginger Dancing Mascot guy... thing.
Every year I have to look at some new pimpled face kid jumping around on the side line. I would love to see this try out. Like a line of 19 year old gingers all lined up doing their best "who stole my lucky charms?" impression. It may get higher ratings then American Idol.

6.The Fan Base(besides the user Irish)
I have met a lot of you and anytime ND loses.. Its the Big Ten officials fault. Our coach sucks. We had dudes hurt. Blah Blah Blah. Armando Allen didn't step out of bounds... Oh yeah? I was there! Remember?
You guys bitched about this play for a good year. I was there. He stepped out. Oh and that Dorito was a tasty treat. 

I know I am just feeding the Monkey here but your own fan base can't stand you. Your videos are awful. You must put a hex on the team since anytime you post one the fighting Irish lose. You talked about "breaking" Denard last year and the dude took you to the wood shed for 502 total yards. Just stop. I know its been some time since you have posted a video so maybe you got the clue but just do us all a favor and get in a ship and go to the planet of Douchebagala since no one can stand you. You have embarrassed the fan base with your terrible blog and videos. 

4.QBs from Douchebagala
For whatever reason the QBs that the Irish push out are either giant douchebags or can't make it in the NFL. The current crop of QBs seem a lot less of the D-Bag variety and more of the won't make it in the NFL variety. Brady Quinn and JIMMAAY! Are of the D-bag mold. The internet pictures are endless. What is going on here Brady? Brady what would mom say? Jimmy put some clothes on! I swear they have Lemon Parties every weekend(don't Google that). Your home planet of Douchebagala calls. Go home... and take Damefan1 with you.

What can I say? He is the good Dr of spit. He really wouldn't be so bad if he could be fair when asked to pick games that include Notre Dame. It used to be cute but now it makes me go insane. I might even hit my wife if he picks Notre Dame to win the national championship one more time. I sometimes wonder if he has any idea where he is or that his partner Mayday might give him flash backs of World War I. The dude is old... He looked old when he coached ND. He has to be like 110 years old. God bless the old man but I can't take you any longer on my TV. 

A story about a boy's quest to make the Fighting Irish team. It full of fluff and "you can do it" speeches. Like all movies it pushed the drama a bit(the team turning in their jerseys never happened). Most of it is true but you know some is complete crap. I liked it when I was a kid since the kid from "Goonies" was in it.. Now? Not so much. Boo Hoo my brothers a dick... Boo hoo I can't get into ND. Boo Hoo... Girls don't like me... Bah! 

1.Brian Kelly
Hey I like tough coaches as much as the other but I would be embarrassed if I were a fan and the University. The dude is straight up belittling the player. How is this a teaching moment? I got a hold of a mouth reader and this what got out the clip.
It was something like that. I mean come on. Like I said I know football is all about screaming but this is drunkin sailor yelling. I never liked you at GVSU and I don't like you now. I do think he can make it at ND but he has to be careful. The same kinds that hated on RR at Michigan will be doing the same at ND in no time if they haven't already. We saw what negativity can do to a program. It isn't pretty.

6 Response to "10 things I hate about The Notre Dame Fighting Irish"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I guarantee I am a bigger Michigan fan than you and I am not sure why you are so obsessed with Damefan1? I hate everything about ND, just like I hate everything about OSU but get a life man. I know him personally and he is part of what makes the Rivalry great! Tell me you don't want to win even more when he puts one of his videos out!!! I love rubbing it in and then hearing his excuses!

    DAMEFAN says:

    I like to first and formost thank God!...for without him none of this would be possible... Also...to the author of this blog!...I thought those homo's over at MGO BLOG were gay for me...but this tops the cake!... Good luck this season!.... and maybe we will play the ENTIRE game this year...instead of pushing you around for 3 quarters and giving the game away in the 4th!.... GO IRISH!

    Anonymous says:

    UM fans are a bunch of cunts.

    oh my God!!! I just took a look at Dr.Lou and that old lady looks pretty similar to that guy right next to her hahaha it cracked me out

    BobR says:

    Well now, there are two sides to that coin. So, just for fun, here are the 9 things (Notre Dame fans can count to 9) I hate about Michigan (disclaimer: I don't really hate Michigan; I think they're a great team and hope we see them in the playoffs): 9 Michigan stadium (sunk into ground so fans will feel more at home) Michigan weather (Indiana weather? Seriously?) 8 Michigan fans (use I seen, districk, nucular, julery and similar marginally intelligible words) 7 Michigan fans (think wolverines are beautiful because they are prettier than badgers) 6 Michigan fans (we break up with you, and your response is to flap your arms and cluck like chickens, bringing possible genetic predispositions to mind) 5 Michigan fight song (simplification of Notre Dame fight song, so as to be easier to play) 4 Denard Robinson plays RB in the pros 3 That HELMET (biggest fashion meltdown in the NCAA) 2 Bo Schembechler (to paraphrase: "To hell with Michigan. We don't need Michigan. They need us more than we need them.") 1 Fielding Yost (once we finally beat Michigan back in 1909, Yost's response was basically "You cheated. I'm taking my ball and I'm going home. And I'm not playing with you any more. And I'm not letting my friends play with you any more either." Thus began the family feud...)

    Ok, all kidding aside, I really hope that ND and Michigan will be able to play again soon. This is one of the great rivalries in all of college sports, but whether we play again any time soon is up to the guys in charge. Maybe when Brandon gets done sulking and Hoke realizes that his behavior defines what is and isn't acceptable fan behavior, we can get something done. But more probably it will have to wait until Brandon's ego runs your program far enough into the ground that he gets sacked, and Hoke along with him. Meanwhile, we're having some great conversations with MSU...

    BobR says:

    By the way, there's a bug on the page here. When I got hit with a captcha, the iframe height was too small to show the numbers and the box you have to type in. I went in and changed the height so I could see it, but not everybody knows CSS well enough to be able to do this. Maybe someone would like to have a look at it. If so, the offending line of code is this:

    <[iframe tag goes here (not allowed to put one in)] allowtransparency="true" class="blogger-iframe-colorize" frameborder="0" height="275" id="comment-editor" scrolling="no" src="blahblahblah" width="100%"

    and the offending value is height="275". It needs to be somewhere in the 400's.

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