Updated Visitor List for the Notre Dame Game

Expected 2012 Prospects: Position 247sports Scout
Erik Magnuson OT **** 96 OVR ****
Caleb Stacey OG *** 85 OVR ***
Chris Wormley DE/DT **** 96 OVR ****
A.J. Williams TE/OL *** 86 OVR ***
Matt Godin DE/DT **** 91 OVR ***
Anthony Standifer CB/S *** 87 OVR ***
Royce Jenkins-Stone LB **** 93 OVR ****
Pharoah Brown DE **** 92 OVR ***
Mario Ojemudia DE/LB *** 89 OVR ****
Greg Garmon RB **** 92 OVR ****
Danny O'Brien DT **** 93 OVR ****
Jordan Payton WR **** 92 OVR ****
Zach Banner OT **** 94 OVR *****
Efe Scott-Emuakpor WR ** 77 OVR **
As of now, not visisting:
Tom Strobel DE **** 93 OVR ****
Kyle Kalis OL **** 96 OVR *****
Yuri Wright CB ***** 98 OVR ****
Amara Darboh WR **** 94 OVR ****
Aziz Shittu DE **** 95 OVR ****
Josh Garnett OT **** 96 OVR *****
Darius Powe WR *** 89 OVR ***
Expected 2013 Prospects:
Shane Morris QB **** 97 OVR *****
Steve Elmer OT **** 97 OVR N/R
Kyle Bosch OT/OG **** 96 OVR ****
Wyatt Shallman RB/DE **** 94 OVR N/R
Jon Reschke LB **** 92 OVR N/R
Shaq Wiggins CB *** 88 OVR N/R
Dymonte Thomas S N/R N/R
Matt Miller DE N/R N/R
Cameron Dillard OG N/R N/R
Laquon Treadwell WR N/R N/R
Kenton Gibbs DT N/R N/R
Poet Thomas DT N/R N/R
Brogan Roback QB N/R N/R
Cameron Burrows DB N/R N/R
Taco Charlton DE N/R N/R
State College bound?
Ben Gedeon ATH N/R N/R
Bri'onte Dunn RB **** 94 OVR *****

-According to Justin Hopkins of 247sports, Darius Powe is having trouble finding a flight out to Michigan, and might reschedule. He is also uncertain that Joshua Garnett will visit before his season ends.
-There have been strong rumblings that Bri'onte Dunn may not be able to make it to Ann Arbor this weekend. Until his plans are set in stone, I'll separate him from the "expected" column.
-According to mspeedkills, Joshua Garnett will likely visit for the Ohio State game.
-Kyle Kalis has a 7:30 game on Saturday, so he won't be able to make it.
-Steve Wilfong of 247sports says that 2013 OL Kyle Bosch will visit for the Michigan/ND game.
-Penn State's 247sports site is reporting that Bri'onte Dunn and Ben Gedeon are heading to State College this weekend.

Bold = Michigan Commit
I'll continue to update the list as things change. To contact me, either find me on twitter @ScoutExileMM, e-mail me at scoutxile@gmail.com, or find me on facebook. Go Blue!

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  1. Hostpph says:

    oh thank you very much for the update on update on the initial visitor list for Notre Dame game even though it is too late for me, I really appreciate it!

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