One Shreds Opinion

I felt like I barley watched the offense. With the defense scoring 14 pts and some long drives(and weather) the offense didn't get as many plays in as one would hope but they still looked solid. Half the time I thought I was watching a bootleg copy of Rich's offense but with an extra TE. Denard didn't do anything crazy but it seems that if Michigan needs him to they can go "all Denard" when they need first downs or 50+ yard TDs. I liked what I saw out of the running backs. I hope they get even more touches. Fitz got better as the game went on. His one long rip should have went for more but for some odd reason he ran at the safety instead of cutting off to the left for more yards. He also had a nice Mike Hart moment as he juked left behind the LT when the hole closed.. Like a woooo moment. I also think Shaw looked good in his only 4 carries. As he ripped off a long TD run and did some other nice things. The WR spot was sorta quite with the big names only getting one catch and Gallon had a nice catch.

Denards passing was still not where it should be as he left Koger out to dry and missed Dileo which may have been a TD if he does. It did seem the offense was ramping up before the weather went all crazy. If anything Michigan seems very flexible. I liked what I saw.

Whats this? Blitzing? What is that? You can do that? I thought that was against the rules. It was nice to see that from a Michigan team since Ron "freaking" English. I will say the team looked very shaky in the first drive and in zone coverage. I think the first drive there was a lot of butter flies. Lots of confusion in the secondary. Michigan didn't allow a big play which was nice for a change. The d-line didn't do much and them getting pressure on the QB without a blitz is troubling. Unless the ghost of Brandon Graham enters Roh and Black body then I doubt we will see much pressure all year. The LB got subbed in and out a lot. Kenny was alright. Missed on a sack when he had a free shot. Ryan looked good with his chances and the coaching seems to be helping the whole unit. T-Wolf looked great before he went down on ST(why). Outside of that the back 4 looked alright. They got nickle and dime to death.

Back to the blitzing and Kovacs. I like it. It came from different gaps and wasn't shown until the snap. Kovacs timed them perfect and got a full head of steam on both. Also the 14 pts scored by Herron was awesome since he has been a bench player his whole career. Nice to see him make some huge plays. I still see big issues with the defense but I think we can be average.. Cross your fingers.

Special Teams
The black eye of the day. Terrible kick off coverage and a blocked FG. At least those kinds of things can be corrected in practice. I know it is a philosophy thing but I can't say I am crazy about having T-wolf playing on ST and any other big time starter. Also we still don't know if a kicker exists on the roster. Wile was ok in punting... Hangerup get your head out of your ass ASAP.

The Good
-One two punch running backs?
-OLine play
-Deanrd ball is alive and well.
-Defensive adjustments?!?! Yes it is real.. Not a myth.
-Kovacs walk on QB crush special
-Herron setting records
-Competent coaching
-Mitch McGary having a blast

The Bad
-Zone defense
-Dline couldn't get much done vs a "meh" Mac dline
-Mike Martin played? pretty quite.
-Kenny's whiffed sack
-Denard still not as accurate on some throws as you would like.

The Ugly
-Kick Coverage
-Special Team.. Not so special
-The Pop Evil song
-Troy getting hurt... On Special Teams

The Bizarre
Is this dude real? Looks like a Wax Figure...

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