Introducing: Cam Burrows

    With Michigan's 2012 recruiting class nearing completion, it provides time for us fans to focus on some rising 2013 prospects. While Michigan has landed some talented defensive backs in the 2011 and 2012 classes, they are still looking to take a couple more in the class of 2013.

Who is Michigan targeting at the DB position in 2013?
    One prospect that Michigan has been in contact with is Trotwood-Madison (OH) CB Cam Burrows. Cam Burrows is a talented player that has potential to become not only one of the top defensive back prospects in Ohio, but one that has a chance to become a top player (at his position) nationally. As a sophomore, Burrows recorded 61 tackles and 6 interceptions.
Standing at 6'2 192 lbs., Burrows can match up physically with any wide receiver that comes his way. He has quick feet and a great backpedal. Burrows describes himself as a great cover corner, who can lower his shoulder and hit someone when needed. Burrows has to work on coming out of his breaks smoother, but overall he will be one of the most sought after recruits in the nation come seasons end.
Cameron Burrows is a top 5 prospect in the state of Ohio for next year.
After his visit to the UM-ND game, I caught up with Burrows for a quick interview.

SimplyComplex: How was your experience at the Michigan-Notre Dame game?
Cam Burrows: "My experience was great. Had a lot of fun."
SC: Did you meet with the coaches at all during your visit? What did you talk about?
CB: "Yes, Mark Smith, Coach Mallory, and the wide receiver coach. We talked about how good of a place Michigan was, and that I could trust them."

SC: How would you describe your style of play at the cornerback position?
CB: "I'm a cover corner, but can hit when I need to."
SC: Does Michigan have a shot at making your top group?
CB: "Yes, they have a good shot."
SC: What did you think of Michigan's throw back uniforms?
CB: "They were sweet, I liked them a lot."
SC: Do you have a timeline for when you'd like to make your college decision?
CB: "Not yet."
SC: What do you like about the Michigan defense?
CB: "Their coordinator is Greg Mattison, and I think they are a defense that is improving."
SC: Do you think you could make an immediate impact at Michigan?
CB: "I think I can make an impact at any college."
SC: What other schools are recruiting you besides Michigan?
CB: "OSU,UC, LSU, UCLA, Illinois, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Northwestern, Iowa, Kentucky, Stanford, Colorado, Wisconsin, Purdue, Notre Dame, Missouri, Oregon etc."
SC: What are your strengths and weaknesses at the CB position?
CB: "Strengths-Covering skills, good hands.
Weaknesses-Coming out of breaks."
SC: Who are some people that inspire you in your life?
CB: "Life wise, it'd be my mom. Football wise, it'd be Patrick Peterson."

Burrows stepping in front of the receiver for an interception.
    Burrows will be one of the top prospects in Ohio come 2013. Right now, it seems Michigan is trailing OSU and ND for Burrows services. After his recent visit to Ann Arbor, Michigan will be a strong contender to secure a commitment for Burrows.

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  1. I think that Michigan has signed out very good defensive players, but they also need to sign good offensive players as well

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