Introducing: Devonte Moore

There's an up and coming junior running back from Lexington, N.C. that has flown severely under the radar nationally so far. With his season underway, he is hoping to turn some heads on the "recruiting trail."

Devonte Moore using his strength to shake off a tackler. 
Devonte Moore,a 5-foot-9, 160 pound running back from North Davidson High School is a rising junior running back who has all the physical tools to be an elite back at the college level. As a sophomore, Moore rushed for 10 touchdowns and also returned a couple of kickoffs for touchdowns. Moore is already off to a fantastic junior season by rushing for 123 yards and 3 touchdowns against division rival East Davidson. In just 3 games, Moore has racked up 4 touchdowns and 300 yards. Moore's elite-ability to make quick cuts and have good vision while running are what makes Moore a special asset for his team. Clocking in at a reported 4.41 40 time, Moore can outrun defenders with ease. 
I was able to catch up with Moore for an interview about his recruitment.

SimplyComplex: What position do you play and what were your stats from last year?

Devonte Moore: "I play RB. I can't remember how many yards, but I know I had 10 or 11 touchdowns. Right now I have 300 yards."

SC: How many schools have been in contact with you?

DM: "I've been getting questionnaires from different schools, but that's about it."

SC: If Michigan were to offer you, would you strongly consider them as a possible destination for your college?

DM: "Yes, most definitely."

SC:  What are you looking for in a college?

DM: "A college that I would fit into and feel comfortable in. Size and love being able to meet new people."

SC: Whats your favorite college team?

DM: "I like Virginia Tech."

SC: Do you play on the defensive side ball?

DM: "No, just RB and KR."

SC: Who in your life inspires you to make the right decisions and put you on the right path to happiness?

DM: "'I'm inspired by my mom. She works really hard in pushing me to being the best I can be, and I want to show her that.

SC: What kind of impact do you think you can have at any college, as a football player?

DM: "Hard worker and love to compete with other people."
Moore juking defenders as he tries to gain yards.  
Moore is in the early stages of his recruitment, but has been getting contact from schools like: Oklahoma and UCLA. As the season looms on, he could become one of the most sought after running back recruits in the class of 2013.

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