Catching up with Allen Gant

Allen Gant is the son of former Michigan great, Tony Gant. Gant was widely considered as the top prospect in the state of Ohio prior to him suffering a knee injury at the start of his junior campaign. Gant plays both safety and wide receiver for South View High in Ohio. Gant is a three-star recruit according to Rivals, Scout, and 24/7 Sports. Gant has a 77* rating on ESPN, which is wrong on so many levels that it's borderline crazy that he's ranked so low.

Allen Gant in coverage.

I was able to get in contact with Allen to catch up with him and discuss his senior season and what lies ahead for him in the future.

SimplyComplex: What are some things that you think you have improved on from last year compared to this year?

Allen Gant: I think that I have improved on my speed and quickness by a large margin and I have also gotten a lot stronger. I think that it has helped me out in run support and has made me a better tackler.

SC: Hows your high school team doing so far and what are some of your strengths and weaknesses?

AG: Our high school team won the league and we lost in the first round of the playoffs. My strengths are I'm a very good tackler and I know exactly what's going on and every one's job. My weaknesses are my speed and quickness.

SC: Some people say that you might grow into a linebacker once you reach college. Do you agree or do you think your better suited at safety?

AG: I feel that I can improve on my skills at safety but you never know. I could end up like and outside linebacker and it doesn't matter to me because I want to help the team in any way I can.

SC: Do you like what you've seen from the Michigan defense so far in the season? Are you excited to play for Greg Mattison?

AG: I am extremely happy about how well the defense played this year and I cannot wait to play for coach Mattison and the other defensive coaches.

SC: Do you ever talk with any other michigan commitments?

AG: I do sometimes talk to other commits, but not on a daily basis. I especially talk with Chris Wormley however, since we are from the same area and we have always been close. We even talk about being roomates at Michigan.

SC: What were your stats this season? 

AG: I'm not sure about my offensive stats but for defense I had 67 tackles, 12 tackles for los, 1 interception, 3 forces fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries and 5 touchdowns.

SC: Do you feel like you could live up to your dads reputation? Do you and him ever talk about Michigan?

AG: I do feel like I can live up to my dads reputation. I am hoping that once my career is over at Michigan, that I will have a better reputation than my father, though. We also talk about Michigan all the time.

SC: How many times did you visit Michigan last year? How were your experiences?

AG: I went to 6 Michigan games this season. And they were the Western Michigan, Notre Dame, Eastern Michigan, Purdue, Nebraska and Ohio State. My experiences were all great. The fans showed me all kinds of love and it was just an amazing atmosphere. I can''t wait until I can be a part of that.

SC: What are you looking forward to, when you enroll at Michigan?

AG: I am looking forward to being a part of the great tradition of Michigan and of course graduating with a degree at Michigan.

SC: What do you plan on doing after college? What are you planning on majoring in at Michigan?

AG: After college I want to go pro but if that doesn't work out then I would want to be a sports agent and I am majoring in sports management.

SC: What did you and the michigan coaches talk about when you got offered? Do they still keep in touch with you?

AG: When I got offered the coaches basically just talked about how I will fit in with the system and just how they are excited about me coming to Michigan. Yes, we all still keep in touch often.

Allen Gant Film:

After his senior season, Gant stands at 6'1 and 208 pounds and runs a 4.5 forty. Gant is another high character athlete that will fit in nicely at Michigan. Hopefully he lives up to his fathers name and can make everybody in the Michigan community proud.

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