Does this Mic still work?

Testing Testing... 1..2..3? Yup the Blog still works. Been a long time. I doubt anyone is even checking the site these days besides damfan1. I've been super busy. Officiating a lot of basketball games. I wasn't even going to bed from Wed 8am to Saturday 9am due to Evan, work and officiating. I might get an hour here or there but I was a zombie for those days of the week and had no energy to blog. Work has been tougher and my kid just turned one. Damn.. Time is moving.

I knew when we had Evan that my time I could put into hobbies(blogging,coaching,games ect) would be limited a bit but I had no idea. I used to blog on days off but that is not even an option anymore since he needs my attention 100% of the time. I now have some time at work again to get back on here.

I have been watching all the Michigan basketball games of course. I broke down Tim Hardaway Jrs game in a Mgoblog post and someone said I should do something to that effect on here but in bigger detail. Basketball unlike football is something I know inside and out from playing all my life in high school and AAU. Coaching and officiating now as well. So I might be breaking down a few dudes off the rosters. If I have to do Evan Smtokdldlkasndknk I might break my laptop in frustration.

I also want to say sorry to the people who have helped on the site. Simply Complex, Brook Banks and Scout Exile sorry for not keeping this train chugging along. Life just got so damn busy. I see you guys having been providing great content to the Michigan community on other blogs. I'll keep reading. Scout Exile I think jumped on a space ship to Tatooine since I have not seen any evidence he still lives on this planet. Good luck to him where ever he is in the Galaxy.

I think I will try and spend more time posting random bull crap then messing with live blogs for the time being. Work is still touch and go. Maybe I will inject a bit of my life into the posting to spice things up. I dunno. Again I can't write so bare with me.  If you still read Midnight Maize. Thanks! You are like Cubs fans. Stick in there no matter what. If you stopped reading then screw you(JK)! But jump back on the band wagon at anytime! Stay tuned.

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  1. Haha, nice post Shred. I'm still a novice reader!

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