Michigan Crap you wouldn't buy on eBay

I enjoy surfing Ebay for crap I don't need. Why not share that?

The game was known as baby seal.. So was the program they sold. The most un-athletic cover in Michigan Program history.

This seller might want to try and sell this to the Canadian Football League fans. 2009 is gone.

I used to have a "pro player" winter jacket. I was made fun of because it wasn't a Starter jacket. Lets hope some parent doesn't do the same to their child and buy this 20+ year old coat.

This is a neat 1946 ticket order form. Four games were ordered for $12. Now a days that is the price for a half a hot dog. 

Anyone have a need for a RED Michigan hat? Yes a RED Michigan Hat. Oh and it has a Velcro adjusting back. Not even sure this thing is real. That is amazing. I'm not even mad. 

A Ronald Bellamy Autograph going for less then a Big Mac. The  worst fab five t-shirt ever made. Looks like it may have been made with MS Paint.

And who doesn't need a Charlie Batch EMU starting line up? I am pretty sure this was the figure that put them out of business. It would be like making a starting line up of Dan Lefevour today. 

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  1. Don't sell that Fab Five shirt short: "This was a limited print run and will be the coolest Gift Ever."

    well to be honest my friend, I would not buy any Michigan crap on the internet hahaha

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