Michigan Crap you wouldn't buy on eBay

The Starter West Virginia Michigan Jersey. I see a lot of these at the Big House and wonder why on earth would think wearing this or even buying it is a good idea. I saw Denard sign one at fan day. That Denard auto went down in value.

I can think of a lot better things to spend $17.99 on then a stub from the worst game I have ever seen at the Big House. I was in row A too.. We hit a new low that day friends.

If anyone is heading to the Bama vs Michigan game. BUY THIS! Set the Tone!
Ahh My eyes! Maize Nike Jersey! One is sniffing coke off a hookers ass in hotel outside of Lansing and the other is drinking bong juice through a straw in his grandmas basement. Who needs 14 Leon Hall football cards? I don't. Jay your Autograph looks like Shit.

What in the world? Any alums from 1986 care to explain this? I have no...huh?

Pretty sure this dude is lying. Michigan never had a "yellow" face mask. Calling Mvictors! Yellow face mask?Yellow face mask. Wait Chart?Chart

Crap I Would Buy
Kneel before Emperor Mesko! My dad would have this lamp.  Just like the pros wear huh? That looks safe.
Not really a Michigan helmet but very cool. Lee Corso would use it. Steve Hutchinson wants his helmet back.

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  1. you are so right about that, I would never ever buy that, and I would not never ever wear that even if someone gives it to me as a present haha

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