Players leave that are better then Avery Queen.. NOOOO!

I am pretty sure this was what all the Michigan basketball fans looked like yesterday. Cries could be heard across the internet. Grown men fell to their knees in pain.

-If Burke leaves that means our best chance at winning games will be to start the Dolphin at point guard. No for real. It would be our best option. If you are Burke you have to look into it but waiting a year would make more $ sense imo. Don't want to be a borderline guy and get pushed into the 2nd round.

-Smotrycz leaves for a more 3pt happy offense I guess? What the fuck? He did look unhappy. He was growing a beard. My best guess is that Smotrycz is the kind of player you have to treat like he is your 15 year old girl friend. Any criticism will send him off the deep end. Some players are like that. I don't think it was a PT thing. I think there also maybe this unsaid thing among the team that they got sick of watching Burke dribble the air out of the ball and then run a pick and roll with 7 secs in the shot clock which seemed to happen more and more after the PSU game.

-Brundidge... Ahhh at least give it more then one season? Might be surprised what a off season can do for a player. Colton... I get it dude.

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  1. Hostpph says:

    hahaha even though the drawing looks like it was drawn by a eight year old, it is too funny to me, and I hope to see more funny posts like this one! :D

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