The New Creeps

I am proud to announce that Midnight Maize got two LOI to write for us. Both these guys are rated as 4 star writers with a lot of upside. I went out and got some writers to make the blog better. I am a terrible writer and needed some help. The traffic has been good but I know it can get even better with these some help from people who know how to write. I asked that they both write at least once a week. I hope we can build something here. Our Live blogs have been going really well and we will continue to build on those.

The first guy is Tater. He has been on Mgoblog message boards for sometime. I think we share the same kind of humor so I expect good things out of Tater. The second guy is Dark Blue and already has broke his blog cherry with his previous post. I can tell Dark Blue loves UM and will bring a lot to the blog. He knows theses are indeed dark days for UM fans I think he may capture that better then most.

Site News
-Contact Emails now off to the right.
-New Banner coming.
-Next Live Blog is Friday Night
-Still looking for site Recruiting Guru(contact me if you feel you have the gift)
-Jen is no longer Drunk as of last night.
-I like Turtles..

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