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Hi, everyone. I'm happy to be part of Midnight Maize. As mentioned by Shredder, I am a frequent commenter on mgoblog. I also like to post in mlive and, where my specialties as of late are yanking Sparty's chain and counteracting trolling in UM stories. I feel that if Sparty gets to pollute UM stories, then someone needs to reciprocate on Sparty stories.

If you are looking for a lot of stats and research, you will probably won't find a lot in my entries, other than UM won-loss records against teams like OSU and MSU. If you are looking for opinions and patterns from someone who has followed University of Michigan sports since before Bo was hired, though, you are reading the right person. Also, as mentioned by Shredder, I definitely resonate with the sense of humor here.

Anyway, Shredder asked me to share my thoughts on signing day. I was extremely happy about the class and the last-minute signing of Demar Dorsey, but what would happen shortly thereafter would overshadow the entire day: the ignorant rantings and one-sided "reporting" of so-called "writer" Drew Sharp. Or, as I prefer to call him, Drew Dull. So, I will address Drew Dull's hatchet job on a kid who is still in high school first.

Since I have boycotted the freep since the Rosenpuke and Shyster hatchet job first appeared there, I didn't read all of Dull's article. I did, however, read plenty of quotes and paraphrases, and some rather obvious patterns emerged.

1. Drew Dull cares nothing about the feelings of a seventeen year-old on what should be the biggest day of his life so far. This kid is still in High School, has fulfilled his obligations to the legal system, and Dull is writing that he is a criminal who shouldn't be allowed to attend the University of Michigan in one of the main "newspapers" in the local market.

2. Drew Dull has once again prostituted any shred left of his integrity to continue the freep's attack on the University of Michigan football program.

3. Drew Dull is such a terrible writer that he finds it neccessary to write inflammatory crap. His line of reasoning is that people won't notice his lack of command of the English language, his utter lack of creativity, or his over-reliance on cliches if they are busy being pissed at him.

4. Drew Dull has decided that his anti-UM agenda takes precedence over the legal system of the United States of America, finding Dorsey guilty in his court of scrambled synapses.

Today, the freep went as far as to research Dorsey's past, uncovering that he had "confessed" to two robberies but apparently went through a diversion program. This begs a couple of questions:

1. Why is the freep wasting all of this time attacking a kid who is still in high school and has no conviction on his record?

2. Why didn't they spend even half of this effort when fourteen players from Misdemeanor State's football team participated in a premeditated gang raid on innocent students in their home and in which some of the students beaten were women?

Drew Dull and his cohorts at the freep are guilty of much more than Dorsey. They have consistently ignored facts, pursued a malicious agenda against RR and UM, and are now engaging in character assassination of a high school student for the "crime" of choosing to spend his next four years at the University of Michigan.

If anyone wants to do anything besides the boycotting of the freep that many of us have done since August, I recommend looking up "Drew Sharp" at Amazon and "reviewing" his book. Since it is already a one and a quarter star, we won't bring the average down much, but it is a great place to vent and let Dull know your displeasure. And it is a lot of fun to read through the comments for people who are obviously mgoblog people.

Drew Dull might not read the emails sent to him by his readers, but we may get his attention when pointing out how much of a hack he is. Besides, Dull saved his greatest insult for fans like us when he referred to us as "running to their little blogs" instead of getting "accurate information" from fine, upstanding, "objective" writers such as himself.

The only nice thing I can say about Drew Dull is that I'm sure he will look quite "sharp" when his inevitable firing has him standing in the unemployment line.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree, I hope he has to eat his words some day. As long as this kid keeps his head on then he will be a great player. Look forward to your postings.

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